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Bill Loomis

Bill Loomis is a managing director at Stifel Nicolaus.

Budget uncertainty puts damper on contractor stocks

Federal IT and professional services stocks lag the market despite some signs of longer term optimism.

Normal budgets still two years away

With the economy still shaky and the 2012 elections still to get through, contractors can expect the uncertainty about the flow of spending to continue until at least 2013.

Last quarter critical for successful 2011

A frenzy of contract activity is expected in the last quarter, but will it carry over into 2012?

Don't let today's market frighten you

Current conditions in the federal market might scare some investors, but a long-term view shows the government is still a good bet.

Are federal IT stocks already at rock-bottom?

A bearish outlook seems to have been factored into federal IT stock prices, writes Bill Loomis of Stifel Nicolaus.

Are you brave enough to ignore Wall Street?

In an effort to accelerate growth in the future, some companies in the IT and professional services market are increasing their investments in this difficult period at the expense of earnings, writes Bill Loomis of Stifel Nicolaus.

Strong growth around the bend

Federal IT services firms are optimistic about business later in the year as contract award activity improves in areas such as cybersecurity, health IT and C4ISR.

As wars wind down, will defense revenues follow?

Investors are concerned about declining revenues from companies supporting the war efforts, says Bill Loomis, a managing director at Stifel Nicolaus.

IT services sector shows lackluster performance

After two years of outperforming the broader stock market, federal information technology and professional services company stocks underperformed in 2009.

Strong headwinds forecast for 2010

The administration’s mandate to bring more work in-house will substantially change the acquisition status quo.

IT sector upbeat about 2010 prospects

Despite a recent dip in contract activity, IT and professional services companies expect their revenues to bounce back next year.

IT services sector holds steady in soft economy

Even though the trends for federal information technology and professional services firms look solid during the next few years, government spending pressures and the trend toward insourcing are giving investors reason to worry.

Obama turns to tech tools to carry out vision

The fiscal 2010 information technology budget request and the 60-day cybersecurity review reveal how the Obama administration regards information technology as a key factor in moving its agenda forward.

Uncertainty stalks defense and IT services sectors

Areas for potential growth exist in the federal information technology and professional services sector despite a recent slowing of contract award activity.

Budget priorities play to services companies’ strengths

Federal information technology and professional services companies are generally reporting good financial results and raising their future guidance.

Cybersecurity looms as a top opportunity

A new administration and cybersecurity will spur growth for well-positioned federal information technology companies.

Still sunny in the services sector

Despite facing tighter budgets, tougher competition, and heavier oversight and regulation burdens, the federal IT and professional services industry is a relatively bright spot on Wall Street.

Strong companies stand to benefit from changes ahead

Federal IT and professional services stocks have been outperforming the broader stock market because investors are attracted to the relative stability of the industry.

Defense, cybersecurity drive rosy outlook

Federal IT and professional services stocks have rallied over the past couple of months due to good second-quarter earnings reports and investors seeking less economically sensitive investments. And the federal IT group has almost broken even for the year.

Nimble contractors stand to gain in tight times

With the changes in Congress and the presidency, and a tougher budget environment ahead, companies will have to be even more flexible and agile to maintain growth during the coming years.