Simplify geospatial workflows with Nearmap

<p>Streamline workflows and reduce labor and associated costs with GeoData Link. Nearmap with GeoData Link adds the ability to incorporate ArcGIS hosted GIS layers directly into Nearmap MapBrowser. GeoData Link allows users to view GIS data over the highest quality of imagery adds deeper insight and brings better context to many workflows. You can use Nearmap GeoData Link to connect to your organizational GIS content, access shared regional data, view project data, or even leverage national datasets that offer a rest endpoint to connect to like FEMA Flood Zones or NWI Wetlands.</p>

Advance geospatial data for leading local governments

<p>Local governments nationwide rely on Nearmap aerial intelligence to work more effectively and efficiently using advanced insights that unlock greater certainty across their workflows. With on-demand access to highly-detailed vertical, oblique, and panoramic aerial imagery; a robust catalog of historic captures; accurate city-scale 3D datasets; and 500+ AI parcel insights, there&rsquo;s nothing our map can&rsquo;t do.</p>

Strategic Budgeting: Connecting Goals, to Action, to Community Impact with Tech

<p>Many agencies create a strategic plan with the aim of addressing community needs &mdash; but it often ends up being a stagnant document without a true path to success. To meet the evolving needs of your community, your agency&rsquo;s strategic plan needs to be an actionable blueprint that paves the way for sustainable growth and improvement, all while aligning with the budget. Download our free eBook to learn how to successfully implement strategic budgeting today!</p>

The federal AI playbook: Mission transformation for the AI era

<p>Artificial Intelligence (AI) will likely be the most impactful technology of this era. Its impact on essential workflows, from content creation to search and analysis to decision support, is already being felt across the government.</p> <p>Government initiatives&mdash;from the 2020 AI in Government Act to the Biden Administration&rsquo;s recent AI Executive Order&mdash;speak to the fundamental tension that agencies must navigate as AI becomes more available and capable. Innovation vs. risk is always a difficult balance, but AI&rsquo;s potential is only starting to be understood.</p>

Balancing Act: The Dual Sides of Generative AI

<p>At a recent Roundtable hosted by Nextgov/FCW, Federal IT experts came together to discuss the many opportunities and challenges surrounding generative AI. While several agencies have leveraged non-generative AI solutions in the past, current focus has shifted toward integrating generative AI as a tool to enhance productivity, security, and innovation. Download to learn more.</p>

The 2024 Security Clearance Compensation Report: The Year of the Breakthrough

<p>UNLOCK DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS INTO CLEARED COMPENSATION</p> <p>Salaries are rising in the defense industry. The 2024 Security Clearance Compensation Report reveals a cleared workforce that&#39;s not just bouncing back&mdash;it&#39;s setting new benchmarks. This year&#39;s salary surge underscores a landmark year for numerous shifts, from telecommuting to changes in workforce demographics. This report should be considered required reading for anyone hiring security-cleared professionals this year.</p>

Reinventing Resiliency for Regulated Public Sector Cloud Solutions

How AWS enables agencies and partners to compliantly leverage the benefits of cloud while staying ahead of growing resiliency demands with AWS GovCloud (US)

The IIJA Opportunity for Modernizing Public Transit: 2024 Guide for Local Transportation Authorities

<p>The U.S. is making historic investments in transportation modernization. More than $108 billion for public transportation modernization is available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and transit ridership continues to grow to pre-pandemic levels. How are transit authorities leveraging this funding to introduce technology that modernizes and improves the rider experience in their communities?</p> <p>The Atlas hosted a roundtable discussion with nine transportation leaders to hear how they are using federal funding to modernize transportation systems and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and ridership.</p>

Water and Wastewater Cybersecurity: Top Takeaways for Special District Leaders

<p>The U.S. water sector spans 153,000 public drinking water systems, and over 16,000 wastewater treatment systems. While contamination and physical attacks remain concerns, the rise of cyberattacks exposes critical vulnerabilities in drinking water and wastewater systems. This underscores the urgent need for increased resources and expertise to implement robust cybersecurity measures.</p> <p>The Atlas hosted a roundtable discussion with 10 local leaders from water and wastewater authorities to hear their challenges and strategies for building a more resilient water infrastructure.</p>

Results for America’s Evaluation Policy Guide

Big Goals? Short on Time? No Problem – Find the Nation's Top Evaluation Policies Here.

US Forest Service and USAID spotlighted at Salesforce World Tour - Washington D.C.

At Salesforce World Tour D.C. government leaders spoke about the steps they’re taking to enhance customer and partner experiences.

AT&T | National security network modernization brings unique challenges

AT&T | National security network modernization brings unique challenges

Enhancing AI Security and Deployment with Red Hat OpenShift AI

<p><em>Download this tech spotlight to learn how Red Hat is helping Federal agencies enhance AI Security and Deployment with OpenShift AI, a flexible MLOps platform.</em></p>

Law Enforcement Tech

<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> As law enforcement agencies have access to an increasing number of emerging technologies to aid in their missions &mdash; and increasing scrutiny over how that technology is used. This will look at how such agencies are approaching an increasingly technological landscape.</p>

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