Accelerating Digital Transformation

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Transforming Government Agencies with Modern Data Management Solutions

Informatica solutions are helping them overcome these challenges with the broadest portfolio of data management solutions across cloud, multi-cloud, and hy

Overview of Unreported Revenue in the US Short Term Rental Market

<p>When Airbnb launched in 2008, it kickstarted the popularization of the short term rental (STR) market by providing a platform that allowed hosts to engage directly with guests who required short term lodging</p>

Rebuilding the IRS

<p><em>Government Executive</em> takes a look at how&nbsp;the tax agency is modernizing and transforming<br /> itself to meet the Biden administration&rsquo;s priorities.&nbsp;</p>

Human-centric Digital Transformation: The Key to Effective Government Modernization

Digital transformation extends far beyond the implementation of new technology. When done correctly, digital transformation enhances organizational efficiency and productivity from the ground up, leveraging internal talent to drive mission success.

User-Friendly Cybersecurity is Key in a Hybrid Landscape

Fending off cyberattacks is now an inevitable reality for agencies. But they must implement the tools necessary to stay one step ahead of nefarious actors through easy-to-use cybersecurity methods.

Putting People First: Setting the Stage for Productivity in Hybrid Workplaces

Agencies need the right tools and resources to stay engaged, motivated and productive — both for their personnel and for the public who relies on them.

How Agencies Can Foster Inclusion in the Remote Workforce

As hybrid work skyrockets across the globe for the federal workforce, agencies must adopt new technologies and tools to facilitate a productive and inclusive workplace — and achieve mission success.

The Identity Challenge

<p>This special report looks at how agencies can verify the identity of its workforce and citizens while keeping out would-be spies and criminals.</p>

Meeting Critical Requirements from the Federal Zero Trust Architecture Strategy

<p><i>Align Your Organization and Accelerate Your Journey with Palo Alto Networks</i></p> <p>The federal Zero Trust architecture strategy details a series of specific actions all U.S. federal agencies must take to advance toward adopting a Zero Trust approach, with aggressive implementation deadlines over the next two-and a-half years. Although the strategy&rsquo;s directives are aimed at the U.S. government, non-federal government entities may find the strategy helpful guidance to begin or advance their own Zero Trust journeys.</p>

Accelerating Your Zero Trust Journey in Federal Government

<p><em>A Holistic Approach to Zero Trust: Reduced Complexity and Risk</em></p> <p>The Zero Trust Model has become increasingly important for the federal government following President Biden&rsquo;s unprecedented Executive Order on Improving the Nation&rsquo;s Cybersecurity and the more recent federal Zero Trust architecture strategy from OMB. Deployed properly, adopting a Zero Trust Model across all network and cloud environments is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that simplifies and unifies risk management under one important goal: to remove all implicit trust in every digital transaction.</p>

Cortex: A Holistic Ecosystem for Government Security Operations

<p>Cortex enables SOC teams to adapt to what&rsquo;s next. Federal Government agency security teams need a web- and cloud-based platform that enables tighter control of security operations, a holistic view of the security posture, and a single pane of glass for threat detection, behavioral monitoring, intelligence, asset discovery, and vulnerability assessment.&nbsp;&nbsp;Download this 2-page brief for information on how the Cortex portfolio of products including Cortex XDR, Cortex&nbsp;XSOAR, and Cortex Xpanse can improve the efficacy and efficiency of SOCs within Federal Government agencies and supporting organizations.</p>

Red Hat Public Sector

Red Hat continues to serve as a trusted partner for government agencies, providing modern practices and technologies that can help your agency innovate whi

How Zero Trust Inverts the Traditional Security Paradigm

Tag the Data, Tag the People: Lessons on Zero Trust from a Former Intelligence Community Executive.

State Technology Modernization

A Discussion on Managing, Protecting, and Sharing Data Across the US

Clearing the Hurdles: How to Facilitate and Protect the Currency of Data

<p>In this e-book, ServiceNow takes a look at the goals of the Data Strategy as well as the challenges in meeting those goals. ServiceNow can align the benefits of the Now platform with these hurdles as well as the VAULTIS goals to enable the DoD to make fast progress in driving value out of their data.</p>

The Future of the Federal Workforce

<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> The pandemic greatly accelerated a number of workforce trends, including a greater reliance on telework and more autonomy for workers. This eBook explores what&#39;s ahead for federal employees.</p>

Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2)

<p>Defense One takes a look inside&nbsp;the Pentagon&rsquo;s effort &mdash; dubbed Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2 &mdash; to get every service branch&rsquo;s battle networks to talk to each other.</p>

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