How to secure systems without limiting innovation

A robust cybersecurity posture layers cutting-edge tools to protect data at every stage

The Federal Innovator Podcast

Accenture: The Federal Innovator Podcast

Mission edge: How Red Hat helps accelerate DoD mission outcomes

<p>Struggling to grasp how cutting-edge tech is revolutionizing modern warfare? &ldquo;Mission Edge&rdquo; is the guide that demystifies the role of edge and hybrid cloud architecture in improving the Defense Department&rsquo;s operational capabilities. If you&rsquo;re navigating the maze of defense or tech planning, this ebook is your compass.</p>

Zoom for Government Moves the State and Local Hybrid Work Story to the Next Level

<p>In today&rsquo;s world, hybrid work is the norm, enabling the government workforce to mesh the best of in-home and in-office work. As state and local agencies shift to this blend of hybrid work, they&rsquo;re relying on online tools for multiple benefits to boost teamwork, discussion and productivity from any location.</p>

2023 Cloud Protection Trends

<p>Download the&nbsp;report, Cloud Protection Trends for&nbsp;2023, today to&nbsp;learn more about the&nbsp;below challenges, including:</p> <ul> <li>Hybrid&nbsp;and&nbsp;multi‑cloud realities and&nbsp;their implication on&nbsp;data protection and&nbsp;security strategies</li> <li>Critical insights into the&nbsp;protection and&nbsp;security of&nbsp;cloud‑hosted virtual machines (VMs), databases and&nbsp;file shares, including SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365</li> <li>The role of&nbsp;BaaS and&nbsp;DRaaS offerings, ranging from&nbsp;&ldquo;self‑managed&rdquo; to&nbsp;&ldquo;white glove&rdquo;</li> <li>And More!</li> </ul>

5 Tips for IT Teams Using Jira Service Management

<p>Fine tuning your service management solution has never been easier. Download this Atlassian White Paper to learn the five best practices to improve your IT service management which will help deliver true value.</p>

Generative AI in State and Local Government

<p>Route Fifty looks at how generative artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT are raising alarms among government agencies concerned about security risks to their users and systems.</p>

Datasheet - Salesforce for State & Local Government

<p>Salesforce offers a CRM designed for government services to help streamline processes, improve program outcomes, and lower administrative burden. Read more about how Salesforce can help state and local government agencies modernize their operations.</p>


<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> From sensors to satellites, learn how the Defense Department and military services are making the most of data and communications technologies to securely send the right information to the right person in an increasingly contested digital environment.</p>

Attracting and retaining government talent in a post-pandemic world of work

<p dir="ltr">In a post-COVID world of work, state and local governments are struggling to recruit top talent. Organizations must adapt to the new age, both for the benefit of internal operations and to support the people and communities they serve. In this eBook, an industry expert discusses how the public sector must evolve its culture and hiring processes to attract and retain talent &mdash;&nbsp;and the best workforce management resources to help them succeed.&nbsp;</p>

Best Dates to Retire in 2024

<p><em>Government Executive</em>&#39;s annual calendar shows the most advantageous dates to retire throughout the year.</p>

Sailpoint Test Site

Test site for sailpoint

Find a New Way to CDM

<p>Federal Civilian Agencies across government have implemented technology to meet the requirements of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program. The CDM program office has supported much of this technology implementation using traditional solutions that push information about IT assets into an integration point, and then into databases where manual coding is needed to present the data on dashboards.</p>


<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> This eBook examines how the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program is addressing customer needs in a changing security landscape.</p>

Government AI: The New Data Frontier

<p>Cloudera Government Solutions, led by its former top Defense Department IT leader, is watching AI evolve and become useful. Learn how AI is reshaping the IT landscape in government and its impact on data.</p>

4 Considerations for a Successful Agency Zero Trust Implementation

<p>In a world fraught with growing cybersecurity threats, the U.S. Army has embarked on an ambitious multi-year journey to embrace a zero trust cybersecurity model by 2027.&nbsp;The zero trust model, overall, is built on seven pillars of security: users, devices, networks, visibility and analytics, automation and orchestration, application and workload, and data.</p>

2023 Public Records Complexity Benchmark Report

<p>Transparency in public records is more important than ever. New reporting requirements and responsive public record types are putting pressure on staff for fulfillment, including police body cam footage, drone footage, and requests for &ldquo;any-and-all&rdquo; emails.&nbsp;So, how are communities keeping up with demand while, in some cases, spending less time on records than they did pre-pandemic?</p> <p>Read our complexity report to learn what successful public record request management looks like in 2023.</p>

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