Ascend BPA promises an easier path for cloud acquisitions

Cloud service providers and others should track the General Services Administration's work on developing the Ascend blanket purchase agreement. Here are some critical elements to watch for.

IBM CEO joins Northrop Grumman's board

This move coincides with a critical juncture in the global computer chip supply and overall conversation around commercial technology in public sector.

More protest troubles loom over CIO-SP4

Debriefings are underway with companies who did not get through phase one of the competition for the $50 billion IT vehicle.

More data needed to understand bid protest trends

New data from the Government Accountability Office says bid protests have fallen, but we can only try to infer the reasons as to why.

Chess and the journey to thought leadership

Being a thought leader in the government market requires a concerted effort with multiple steps to take a long the way.

How the metaverse can power business development

Two CALIBRE executives describe how they used the metaverse to hold a capture meeting and while the technology might not be ready for primetime, there is more to come in the future.

Understanding 'commerciality' and why you need to align your pricing strategy with your compliance plan

The concept of 'commerciality' is a critical requirement contractors must master in the government market to remain in compliance with FAR rules. Here's a guide on what to know and where to start.

What a crane operator teaches about the power of communications

It takes training, trust and clear communications for a crane operator to safely lift and place tons of materials. The risk is high and the lessons for government contractors should be clear.

Know before you go about solving the customer's problems

Doing your homework on a customer's challenges ahead of time makes the road to success much safer.

Are you ready for the rise of antitrust enforcement?

The Justice Department's opposition to Booz Allen's Everwatch deal is a warning. You need to rise to the challenge and bulletproof your next transaction.

Mastering both the spoken and unspoken rules of GovCon

Entering the government market and being successful both have their own guidelines to go by, some often said and others not so much but just as important.

How contractors can help their customers avoid 'tool sprawl'

As federal customers navigate increasingly complex IT environments, they need expert guidance. Herer's how to help.

26 years after Clinger-Cohen, the government still struggles to be a smart buyer

But the IT industry can play a critical role in helping agencies make better decisions and use technology to save costs and be more efficient.

All the things I wish I knew when I started my business

A company founder shares the lessons learned from startup to established player and breaks them down into five key areas every entreprenuer should focus on.

Mental health is a workplace issue and fundamental to national security

Amy Gilliland, president of General Dynamics IT, explains why government leaders need to pay attention to the mental health of their employees and break the stigma too often attached to mental health issues.

How GovCon can better appeal to Generation Z

Generation Z is a small part of today's workforce, but they are the future and we know precious little about them. Step one is listening to them.

Protests expose twists and turns as DHS tries to buy IT support

The Homeland Security Department abandoned one vehicle after losing a protest, but faces more challenges after moving to another agency's contract.