Why the 3 C's are so important to GovCon M&A

Tom McBrearty of Rock Hall Partners explains how focusing on Customers, Contracts and Capabilities are what drives the best outcomes in a merger or acquisition.

Why invest in your frontline people

Your technical experts are close to your customers and with the right training can be a powerhouse for business development efforts, Hi-Q Group's co-founder and managing principal Nic Coppings writes.

FTC non-compete ban has broad impact, but faces multiple challenges

The new rule will retroactively invalidate clauses in millions of employment agreements and the government contracting market won't be spared, writes attorney James Fontana.

Hyperscaler marketplaces offer new avenue to reach government customers

Rapid access to technology coupled with valuable solutions providers can speed agency procurements, writes immixGroup program development manager Tara Franzonello.

With the FTC's looming non-compete ban agencies should rethink key personnel requirements

While the new FTC ruling is being challenged in courts, agencies and contractors should prepare now for an outright ban of non-compete clauses, says attorney Josh Duvall.

What the Goldilocks effect means for midsized government contractors

Wagish Bhartiya, chief growth officer for REI Systems, explains that while midsized government contractors feel the squeeze, they still have some advantages they can leverage.

Dive into DISA at our next WT Power Breakfast

The program for our May 10 event includes perspectives from the Defense Information Services Agency itself, the industry and other informed observers.

Air Force marks key signpost in robot wingmen award

Anduril and General Atomics are well known in the defense industry. But their selections for phase one of the Collaborative Combat Aircraft program stand out for who they went up against and where the tech is going.

Private equity drives high transaction volume in 2023

The steady pace of acquisitions continues as more private equity firms make their foray into the government market.

Is artificial intelligence combat ready?

Serco's machine learning leader Mike Colony explains the potential and challenges of human-machine teaming on the battlefield.

Where DoD IT priorities remain as the second half of fiscal 2024 begins

ImmixGroup market intelligence manager Ryan Nelson breaks down defense IT spending around four key areas: data, cyber, AI and infrastructure.

Google fires employees who protested Israel cloud contract

The company says 28 employees crossed the line by occupying offices and disrupting others' work when raising their objections to the contract.

6 organic growth killers crippling contractors

Many contractor aren't putting emphasis on the factors that drive organic growth, including having the right objectives and prioritizing customer relationships, writes BD expert Nic Coppings.

Why the defense market must embrace an 'accelerate change or lose' mentality

EpiSci's chief technology officer Dan “Animal” Javorsek describes some of the needed changes to the defense acquisition system in order to help agencies take advantage of software-defined technologies.

How to maximize the impact of Zero Trust's next phase

Gary Barlet, Illumio's federal chief technology officer, outlines how Zero Trust will remain important as the threat landscape widens and adversaries continually evolve.

DOD's investment arm details its financial playbook for scaling out tech

How the Defense Department's Office of Strategic Capital outlines the financial tools it will lean on to advance component-level technologies is equally as, and maybe more, important as the list of tech priorities.