Federal presence on LinkedIn continues to grow

Mark Amtower's annual census of feds on the social media platform show 2.7 million feds are on LinkedIn.

CACI again wins $5.7B Air Force contract, but new protests follow

The service branch is trying to award its enterprise IT-as-a-service contract for a second time.

Why RFIs have short response windows, part 2

Thanks to reader feedback, here is a fresh take on why agencies might issue sources sought notices with little time for a response.

New rule does little to clarify communications between agencies and industry

While years in the making, the significant changes to how agencies and industry can communicate appear more cosmetic.

What does this tight response deadline tell us?

A new request for information out of the Veterans Affairs' IT office makes me wonder if the VA has unstated reasons for creating such a short window for responses.

Lack of differentiation turns Army task order into a price shootout

Neither bidder's technical proposal stood out for the Army as the branch competed a data center contract.

If, Then: 2023 poses many questions and scenarios

No outcome predictions in this space because that's too hard and risky. But plenty of pathways ahead as 2023 begins.

What 2022 tells us about 2023 and beyond

A look back at the top stories of 2022 offers us some insights and foreshadowing into what government contractors will care about in 2023 and the years after that.

Where GSA can make improvements to Alliant 3

Business development practitioner Robert Lohfeld Sr. highlights where General Services Administration can make changes to the governmentwide IT solutions contract for everyone's benefit.

Shield AI joins a small club with its latest funding round

Venture capital and other investors want to find the next startup company, or companies, with the potential to join what we call a "Group of Four."

DOD's huge cloud vehicle should open doors to innovation

Each bidder may be on the potential $9 billion contract, but their competition for work will be fierce and fuel advancements in battlefield tech.

DOD launches investment arm to fuel innovation

The Defense Department is standing up an organization to route more private sector money towards key technology areas such as quantum computing and advanced materials.

Palantir takes another step forward with its Lockheed Martin agreement

For its Navy partnership with Lockheed, the software provider puts on its good partner hat and broadens its strategy to be a disruptor in the market.

How to define the role of BD at the small business contractor

Business development has changed post-COVID, which means small businesses in particular must find to thrive in a hybrid environment of in-person and virtual BD.

Ascend BPA promises an easier path for cloud acquisitions

Cloud service providers and others should track the General Services Administration's work on developing the Ascend blanket purchase agreement. Here are some critical elements to watch for.

IBM CEO joins Northrop Grumman's board

This move coincides with a critical juncture in the global computer chip supply and overall conversation around commercial technology in public sector.

More protest troubles loom over CIO-SP4

Debriefings are underway with companies who did not get through phase one of the competition for the $50 billion IT vehicle.