Will inflation reshape the government market?

As publicly-traded GovCon companies prepare for their quarterly reports to investors, the impacts of inflation will be a topic executives have to address.

The importance of finding your voice as a woman in the public sector

Don't ask for permission is the advice this woman executive offers. Women in the workforce should speak up, advocate for themselves, and become experts in their market, she says.

Business and life lessons from my mother

Work and life lessons are all around you, especially when your mother had a great mind for business.

Blue chip defense companies make moves for Defense Department’s 5G plans

Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin announce new partners for the department’s networked future.

How governments are adapting to an endemic world

COVID is not the only driver of change among government organizations. In this essay, William Eggers describes the changes that are in the works as governments at all levels put a greater emphasis on resilience.

Know how to say 'No' to bad bids

The most successful companies find a balance between chasing everything and being too picky on what to bid. Lack of discipline there creates a barrier to growth that is hard to overcome.

Woman-owned business can grow their market share by working together

In a call to action, a pair of women business leaders urge women-owned businesses to cooperate as a way of growing their market share. Here's what they want you to do.

Why size matters in the federal market

The largest federal contractors continue to get bigger and that says a lot how the market is evolving and why size continues to matter.

Polaris RFP sparks small business fears

The solicitation for the $15 billion has sparked fears that small businesses are at a disadvantage and joint ventures are favored in the competition. One protest so far but are others in the works?

Protests keep nagging at CIO-SP4

The National Institutes of Health's flagship IT contract faces new challenges from bidders angry about the number of revisions the agency made during the bidding process.

Where today's small business contracting discussion needs to start

The General Services Administration has big plans for small business contracting as seen in two recent announcements but is that enough to achieve what they want?

Why the Fed can’t stop prices from going up anytime soon – but may have more luck over the long term

The Fed faces the challenge of tamping down inflation while avoiding a recession.

From mentee to mentor: My journey from new hire to co-founder

GMarkU co-founder Stephanie Geiger shares what she's learned about the importance of finding mentors and driving your professional growth.

What COVID-19 taught me about cybersecurity

How COVID-19 risks are mitigated parallels how to approach cybersecurity and there's a lesson to be learned there about communications, specifically how effective cybersecurity conversations go beyond network administrators and other technology experts.

Can you spot your Achilles' heel in your next pursuit?

To understand the competition and your weaknesses, you need to recognize and analyze how your customer makes their procurement decisions.

Why not all proposal writers are created equal

Proposal writing is part art and part science and the best writers benefit from training, incentives and infrastructure.

Is it time to rework set-asides for Alaska Native Corporations?

Alaska Native Corporations and tribally-owned small businesses deserve special consideration in contracting. But given their size and resources, is it fair that they compete against other types of small businesses?