PROJECT 38: Why 2021 was a perfect storm for M&A

Multiple factors drove mergers and acquisitions to new heights. For this episode, Kate Troendle and Marc Marlin of the investment bank KippsDeSanto explain to Editor Nick Wakeman how that activity highlights the government market's growing maturity and sophistication.

PROJECT 38: How one mid-sized company acquires to transform itself

Gunnison Consulting has used acquisitions to transform itself and for this episode, CEO Gil Dussek shares that strategy and what's next on the company's agenda with our Editor Nick Wakeman.

PROJECT 38: Myths and truths of what drives company value

Old adages die hard in any market, including those on what drives company value in the federal market. RSM's lead government contracting guru Stephanie Johnson walks Senior Staff Writer Ross Wilkers through a myth-busting exercise and why organic growth is so hard.

PODCAST: How Booz Allen revved its M&A engine

Booz Allen Hamilton is no longer a stranger to making acquisitions. Chief Strategy Officer Matt Calderone explains why the company is indeed a buyer with two acquisitions last year and another in the works this year, but don't call them a consolidator.

PROJECT 38: Roadmaps for business success & solving the talent problem

Cracking the code of the federal market involves learning its unique fabric, finding what works in achieving business success and building the right team. This episode of Project 38 delves into lessons learned on all three fronts by Interactive Government Holdings' founder and CEO Mike Sanders, who says small businesses like his and larger companies face some of the same challenges.

PROJECT 38: The tech & talent megatrends poised to shape 2022

Predicting how the future will play out is impossible, but knowing what drivers and ideas will shape it is an important art. This episode of Project 38 featuring our Ross Wilkers and Deloitte's government practice leader Mike Canning runs through what the firm's clients and employees view as the megatrends to watch in technology and talent.

PROJECT 38: New Maximus Federal leader forges the path forward

Maximus Federal President Teresa Weipert shares her strategy and outlook for 2022 with Editor Nick Wakeman as the company leverages its recent acquisitions and technology expertise for customers.

PROJECT 38: Our pick of the episodes worth a second listen

We produced nearly 50 episodes of our podcast in 2021. Here is a sampling of those that will offer insights and lessons of equal value in 2022 as they were when first released.

PROJECT 38: Why listening, mentorship and trust drive GDIT's success

In part two of her conversation with Editor Nick Wakeman: Amy Gilliland shares why listening, mentorship and trust are critical elements to the success of the General Dynamics IT business she leads as president.

PROJECT 38: Amy Gilliland on how people will drive GDIT's future

Understanding technology and customer priorities are table stakes in today's market, which means people are the differentiator that drives growth. Hear General Dynamics IT President Amy Gilliland explain her own and the business' approach to the market in this interview with Editor Nick Wakeman.

PROJECT 38: As Justice Department scrutiny looms, here's a roadmap for contractors to get their cyber houses in order

With the Justice Department planning to ramp up cyber enforcement of government contractors, what should companies be doing? Attorneys Susan Cassidy and Ashden Fein of Covington explain to our Ross Wilkers what the roadmap should be in this episode of Project 38.

PROJECT 38: CGI Federal's Stephanie Mango leads with a belief that everything can be better

Stephanie Mango did not join CGI Federal as its new leader to fix problems, but she also told Editor Nick Wakeman “nothing was broken but everything can be better.” In this episode, Mango explains what that mantra means for the CGI Federal Team and her leadership approach since she became president earlier this year.

PROJECT 38: How DMI sees private equity fueling its next phase of growth

Digital Management Inc. believes it has done just fine on its own for the last 19 years. But as founder and CEO Sunny Bajaj explains to Editor Nick Wakeman, an infusion of resources was needed as federal customers are increasingly buying the capabilities DMI has to offer.

PROJECT 38: How digital & agile go beyond the tech

Infrastructure becoming increasingly digitized and federal agencies showing a willingness to try new ways to buy goods and services are two trends that Siemens' federal leader Tina Dolph lives and works with everyday. In this episode of Project 38, the CEO of Siemens Government Technologies explains to our Ross Wilkers how those topics are changing conversations with customers.

PROJECT 38: Our reporters discuss troubles at VA, CMMC reboot, COVID-19 mandates

Washington Technology Editor Nick Wakeman leads a discussion with FCW editors and reporters on today's hot topics in the federal market: trouble inside the Veterans Affairs Department, the Defense Department's reboot of its cyber standard for contractors, and the latest with COVID-19 mandates.

PROJECT 38: Going beyond just spectrum when talking 5G

Newer and faster phones on a specific band of spectrum are likely what first comes to mind when talking about the ongoing 5G revolution. But Viasat's government leader Craig Miller paints a much bigger picture in this interview with our Ross Wilkers.

PROJECT 38: Array's small business journey to the full-and-open world

Every company has a journey and Sumeet Shrivastava shares with Editor Nick Wakeman the path Array Information Technologies followed from when he joined as CEO in 2008 to its recent sale to CGI Federal.