WT 360: Our EIC Frank Konkel on Google's government cloud and AI push

Frank Konkel, editor-in-chief for GovExec's publications including us, jumps in to break down both what Google's cloud can now do for federal agencies and the tech giant's larger public sector ambitions.

WT 360: The NDAA is both law and a business roadmap

RSM's government contracting gurus Luis Avila and Stephanie Smith highlight some key signposts in this annual piece of policy legislation that companies can and should use to shape their strategies.

WT 360: Defense One's Lauren Williams on the Pentagon's new cyber-industrial strategy

Our Defense One colleague Lauren Williams jumps in to break down how the Defense Department is pushing to help the industrial base boost their cybersecurity and improve data protection across the entire ecosystem.

WT 360: GovCon needs to watch the push against noncompetes too

Fluet attorneys Marlena Ewald and Grace Williams explain how just like with other industries, everyone in the government market could be affected by the Federal Trade Commission's push to ban noncompete agreements.

WT 360: NextGov/FCW's Natalie Alms on modernization challenges

Our NextGov/FCW colleague Natalie Alms jumps in to overview the government's ongoing challenges in artificial intelligence and customer experience.

WT 360: Steps to take now as you prepare for CMMC

Cyber industry executive Felipe Fernandez offers insights on the actions companies should take now as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification rule moves toward becoming final.

WT 360: Everfox hits the street with focus on government, critical infrastructure

Everfox's chief executive Sean Berg explains how this newly-named cyber company plans to carry out its strategy with the backing of TPG, which carved out the business from former parent Forcepoint.

WT 360: LMI's logistics heritage also informs its present and future

LMI's chief executive Doug Wagoner takes us behind the scenes of how the company shifted from being a nonprofit entity to a for-profit, plus how the company work with government agencies to solve their logistics problems.

WT 360: M&A is not only for the biggest players

Zach Hester, director of M&A strategy and deal generation at Bluestone Investment Partners, explains how small and mid-sized firms focused on organic growth have opportunities in a market where private equity plays a huge role.

WT 360: How GovCon's 'Rule of Two' is poised to grow in scope

Stephen Bacon of the law firm Rogers Joseph O'Donnell goes over the White House's push for agencies to expand their use of this golden rule of government contracting and what it means for small businesses.

WT 360: CMMC lessons from the voluntary assessment program

Derek Kernus explains how his company went through the Defense Department's assessment process for complying with the standards at the heart of CMMC, the rule that will lay out how contractors protect information on their systems.

WT 360: How the auto industry informs DMI's federal strategy

DMI's chief executive Rocky Thurston describes where the company is focusing its attention in the realm of digital transformation, drawing lessons from another industry known for wanting to go fast.

WT 360: How emerging tech drives change across the market and more mission focus

ACT-IAC's CEO David Wennergren describes how artificial intelligence, digital transformation, cybersecurity and the speed of change are all driving greater focus on the government's missions.

WT 360: A look inside GovCon's crystal ball for 2024

Stephanie Smith, RSM's GovCon guru and our first guest for 2024, lays out key themes and discussion points that are poised to shape the industry during this new year.

WT 360: The drivers of M&A in 2023 and what lies ahead

Jean Stack, co-lead of the investment bank Baird's government market practice, reviews what the merger-and-acquisition landscape looked like in 2023 and how it is shaping up for 2024.

WT 360: An initial glimpse at 2024's GovCon budget and policy landscape

David Berteau, CEO of the Professional Services Council, highlights key signposts for government contractors to watch with 2024 just around the corner. Those include upcoming federal funding deadlines and the emerging CMMC cyber standard poised to change the entire GovCon ecosystem.

WT 360: ASRC Federal's vision highlighted by supply chain, tech and talent

Jennifer Felix, chief executive of ASRC Federal, explains what drove the company to make two acquisitions that closed in quick succession and some of the market-wide technology accelerants it wants to be a leader in.