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Townes-Whitley: SAIC must 'look up and look out' to drive growth

The company's new CEO is focusing on four pivot points around its portfolio, go-to-market strategy, brand and the culture to drive growth and innovation.

More companies join CIO-SP4 protests

NITAAC is under a May 31 deadline to file its record of the procurement with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

SAIC loses final shot at $1.3B NASA IT competition

The space agency gets a favorable ruling in how it has managed the NASA Consolidated Applications and Platform Service contract, also called NCAPS.

Accenture Federal puts 'scaffolding in place' to integrate Cognosante

Accenture Federal Services will use Cognosante as the foundation for a new health practice and continue leaning on commercial tech partnerships to drive innovation, CEO John Goodman tells us.

DHS updates $8.4B PACTS III solicitation

The amendments seek to address complaints about how the Homeland Security Department would evaluate performance for this professional services contract.

GSA unveils first draft solicitation for its Ascend cloud program

The General Services Administration wants industry feedback on the pool that is geared toward the hyperscale cloud providers.

Dive into DISA at our next WT Power Breakfast

The program for our May 10 event includes perspectives from the Defense Information Services Agency itself, the industry and other informed observers.

SOSi loses bid for second chance at $500M NSA contract

The Government Accountability Office saw no issues with how the National Security Agency evaluated the proposal and held discussions with the company.

Missteps doomed LinQuest's bid to keep $166M Space Force contract

The company blamed a time crunch for misunderstanding some of the evaluation notes it received on its recompete bid.

CIO-SP4 protests drive yet another extension

With 17 protests active, no other option exists other than to continue on with the current CIO-SP3 vehicle.

Google fires employees who protested Israel cloud contract

The company says 28 employees crossed the line by occupying offices and disrupting others' work when raising their objections to the contract.

Early protests attack PACTS III solicitation

Several small businesses are challenging aspects of how the Homeland Security Department is running the $8.4 billion professional services contract vehicle.

Deloitte backs off SHARKCAGE protest

Accenture can now begin working on the $789 million Navy cybersecurity contract after Deloitte withdrew its challenge.

Space Force's new commercial strategy emphasizes partnerships

The introduction to the document emphasizes the desire for a deeper and more integrated relationship with the industry to confront growing threats in space from near-peer adversaries.

Two more join the T4NG2 protest fray

The $61 billion IT vehicle now has 16 protests at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and most of the complaints continue to focus on the Veterans Affairs Department's self-scoring methodology.

Bluestone forms partnership with ECS vets to find acquisition targets

Bluestone Investment Partners is joining forces with former ECS Federal executives George Wilson and Tom Weston to look for a company to buy and then build.

How Groundswell leans on tech partnerships in its wins

At its launch, Groundswell chose a few commercial applications to focus on and cites that approach as helping capture several contracts exceeding $100 million and aiding the pursuit of a $1 billion prize.