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How soon will you feel the pain of a shutdown? Very soon.

A shutdown may be inevitable and so is the pain and chaos that will follow.

NSF developing a tech-rich Antarctic research vessel

The construction and operation of this new National Science Foundation research vessel will offer plenty of technology opportunities.

L3Harris sees plenty of flaws in NASA's $500M weather satellite contract

L3Harris says NASA didn't follow the solicitation and didn't account for an alleged conflict-of-interst in awarding the contract to Ball Aerospace.

Why the Amazon antitrust case is important to GovCon

The antitrust lawsuit against Amazon might seem like a million miles away from government contractors, but they need to be prepared for ripple affects across the market.

Deloitte gets second shot at FBI data contract

After Deloitte complained about how evaluations were conducted, the FBI said it will take a second look at how it made awards for a high-speed data transfer contract.

Deal for Splunk brings new capabilities and competitors to Cisco

There is little to no overlap between the two but Cisco picks up more software based solutions that should strengthen its core.

The national security imperative of commercial space

A 27-hour turnaround to launch a satellite is a powerful reminder of how a commercial space industry is critical to U.S. national security.

GAO's reminder for all bid protest cases: Show your evidence

The Government Accountability Office said it had no choice but to rule against the Defense Department because it wouldn't show how it investigated a conflict-of-interest allegation.

The brinkmanship around government shutdowns is an exercise in futility

Shutdowns do nothing positive for anyone and only waste time, energy and resources.

Last CIO-SP4 protest resolved

Re-evaluations are now underway ahead of another attempt at awards for this potential $50 billion government-wide IT vehicle.

Air Force cancels $5.3B cyber contract after overwhelming response

With more than 250 proposals received, the Air Force said that was too many for a manageable evaluation process.

IRS to redo $2B electronic payment system contract awards

The tax collection agency will rework the solicitation and take in revised proposals after a pair of protests.

The Army chooses non-traditional method to consolidate its ERP systems

This is the inside story on why the Army is going outside the typical pathways of government contracting to consolidate five enterprise resource planning systems.

How much is too much to ask for in the OASIS+ solicitation?

One protester says the General Services Administration is going too far in wanting all the details that roll into a fixed-price proposal if the items are commercially-available from the start.

DHS faces protests over $450M small business contract

The protestors disagree with how the Homeland Security Department is looking to field this IT and professional services contract.

NASA drops draft for SEWP VI

The next iteration of this popular government-wide contract vehicle for IT products is in the works, while SEWP's main architect Joanne Woytek hints at her eventual retirement.

How better forecasts can separate your company from the field

Unanet's annual GAUGE report looks at how improvements to the forecasts of your operations helps make better decisions and improves your company's position.