Is the NetCents II nightmare over?

At one point, the Air Force sounded like it was ready to fight for its decision involving the $6.9 billion NetCents II Products contract, but that resolve might be fizzling as at least two of the eight protestors have been told to stand by for new award decisions.

Presidio joins NetCents II Products protestors

The headcount of protestors objecting to the Air Force's NetCents II Products award decision has grown to six as Presido Network Solutions files its objections with the Government Accountability Office.

Air Force stands by latest NetCents II Products decision

While the number of bid protests against the NetCents II Products contract has risen to six, the Air Force says its decision is sound, and will not be taking a corrective action this time. So, what happens now?

Avaya joins fight for Customs contract

Avaya Government Solutions has added its own protest to a Customs and Border Protection contract awarded to Lockheed Martin. Incumbent IBM Corp. filed a protest earlier this month after losing the ACE contract, which it has held since 2001.

NASA launches $20B SEWP V contract

The long-awaited NASA SEWP V request for proposals is out with awards expected in four groups including set asides for veterans and HUBZone businesses. Based on SEWP IV results, who are the top five contenders for this iteration?

More protests hit NetCents 2

The contract vehicle that has become synonymous with bid protests and delays has been hit with at least four more. Will NetCents 2 ever get started, or it is time to pull the plug?

6 steps to solving the counterfeit IT problem

The toughest regulations won't stop counterfeit IT issues, but why not take a more risk-based approach? Columnist Steve Charles offers six steps that can address this issue.

The transformation of government VARs

In this special report, some of the leading value-added resellers in the government market share their strategies for success and how their business models continue to evolve.

4 tips for VARs' survival

As part of our special report on the transformation of today's value-added reseller, we offer four tips critical to their survival going forward.

Should IT be an office supply?

As GSA explores expanding the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative to more products, it has IT in its sights. While it will increase pressure on pricing, it might not be all bad.

NGEN bid protest update

The clock is running on the bid protest of the Navy's $3.5 billion NGEN award. First up is the Navy's response to filings by Harris and CSC.

Major moves: Agencies changing how and what they buy

Buying habits are shifting as the government changes who it procures goods and services from. Will your company adapt to these shifts in the market,or will you be left behind?

Lessons from the fall of the Windows monopoly

Remember when the Justice Department accused Microsoft of being a monopoly? Well, those days are long over, and the rapid change in technology speaks volumes about the market, as well as where companies should focus their priorities.

ITES award update

Some confusion has surrounded our reporting of a $500 million contract extension involving the Army's ITES 2 contract. Editor Nick Wakeman clears the air.

Army extends ITES 2 hardware contract by $500M

Army makes a $500 million contract extension of the ITES 2 contract to the six incumbents providing hardware, software and related services under the program.

Is there a fatal flaw in the Navy's NGEN decision?

A cone of silence has descended on the protest of the Navy's Next Generation Enterprise Network contract, but Editor Nick Wakeman speculates that the fight will be over pricing and risk.

Comments on counterfeit IT regulation due Monday

Comments on the Defense Department's proposed regulation around counterfeit electronic parts are due July 15.