Comments on counterfeit IT regulation due Monday

Comments on the Defense Department's proposed regulation around counterfeit electronic parts are due July 15.

Inside HP's NGEN team

HP Enterprise Services didn't win the $3.5 billion Navy NGEN contract all by its lonesome. We've got the details behind the roles and responsibilities of its largest teammates.

Navy picks HP as winner of $3.5B NGEN contract

The Navy has picked HP Enterprise Services to be the prime contractor on the $3.5 billion Next Generation Enterprise Network contract and provide the IT and transport services needed to support 800,000 users across the Navy and Marine Corps.

Social Security plans $210M EMC buy

The Social Security Administration is planning a 10-year, $210 million contract to buy EMC products and services to support its mainframe computers.

10 hot contracts inside today's tight budgets

Against a backdrop of tight budgets and uncertainty of when appropriations will be passed, there are still some lucrative opportunities on the horizon. Deltek picks 10 worth watching.

Navy bumps NGEN award again

The Navy says it needs more time to make its pick between HP and a team led by CSC and Harris for the $5 billion Next Generation Enterprise Network contract.


The lifesaving imperative of adopting new technologies

With the rapid rise of new mobile and geospatial technologies hold the promising of reducing costs while increasing capabilities and above all, saving soldiers lives.

NetCents redo focuses on Trade Agreements Act

The Air Force is preparing to ask bidders to submit revised proposals that will document their compliance with the Trade Agreements Act. Will this save the troubled procurement?

NetCents 2: Déjà vu again

Just like round 1, Air Force pulls back from new $6.9 billion NetCents 2 awards. Information is limited, but it looks like they are pointing to issues around the Trade Agreements Act, and around the country of origin for components used in the products. But the action still leaves plenty of unaswered questions.


When tech support goes global, are federal networks compromised?

Moving tech support overseas has lowered costs for manufacturers and customers, but creates several security questions for government agencies. Force 3's CTO Chris Knotts offers his take and a possible solution.

3 Phoenix scores $75M contract to support sub systems

3 Phoenix has won a contract to provide engineering services for software development, COTS products and systems integration for Virginia-class submarines.


Time to bury GOTS technology

Known as GOTS, government-off-the-shelf technology has seen its day come and go. It's wasteful and just can't keep up with rapidly changing times.

NetCents protests keep rolling in

The number of protests against the Air Force's NetCents 2 Products contract awards has grown to 10, with more potentially on the way. Can the contract survive, or is this $6.9 billion contract headed for a crash landing?

NetCents redo hit with wave of protests

Five companies have filed protests over the second round of award decisions in the $6.9 billion NetCents Products contract. The question remains whether the Air Force corrected its mistakes between round 1 and 2, or are more troubles on the way..

Lockheed wins $166.8M NASA contract extension

Lockheed Martin wins a $166.8 million contract extenstion to continue providing mission support services to NASA's manned spaceflight program. Extension boosts value of the contract to $1 billion.

U.S. courts release $95M Dell product contract

The U.S. courts plan to buy nearly $100 million in Dell products over the next five years, and has released a solicitation that will go to a single Dell Federal Premier Partner.

DHS develops ID management contract

The Homeland Security Department is developing a contract for an identity management system that will issue 300,000 ID cards

Shared services poised to reshape the federal market

Industry should brace for impact as the government adopts more shared services, CIO warns.

Air Force planning ahead for cyber future

With a new RFI, the Air Force looks into the future of cyberspace operations.

Will Amazon's Fire kindle a new push for personal tech at work?

Amazon's new device may be less versatile than Apple's iPad, but it's also much less expensive. Expect the weeks after Christmas to bring it into the workplace.