Round 10: Air Force brings 13 more companies into JADC2 connectivity program / Yuichiro Chino

Around 19 dozen contractors are now working with the military on its vision for connecting every shooter and system in the field into a single construct.

The Air Force has invited 13 more companies to become part of an estimated $950 million program focused on building a new environment to gather and send information across different systems and platforms in the field.

Round number 10 of awards announced Wednesday brings the total number of contractors participating in the U.S. military's Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative to 229.

Companies in this latest batch are as follows:

  • AlphaBravo
  • Applied Research Associates
  • Armaments Research
  • BadVR
  • CGI Federal
  • Exiger Government Solutions
  • Flosum Corp.
  • Global Technical Systems
  • Odyssey Systems Consulting Group
  • Peregrine Defense
  • Picogrid
  • Rafael Systems Global Sustainment
  • Spotible Labs

The Defense Department's vision for JADC2 is for it to be based on an open architecture that allows for quicker integration of new information and communication technologies as they evolve.

Private sector participants in the JADC2 program work on maturing, demonstrating and proliferating the capabilities needed for open systems design, modern software and algorithm development.

The Air Force made its first group of awards in June 2020 and has subsequently chosen companies in batches of one-to-two dozen in each round since.