Air Force chooses 3 dozen for $32B training system recompete

This is iteration number four of the Training Systems Acquisition vehicle that covers a broad range of products.

Army awards 12 seats on $450M modernization vehicle

Awardees will work on enabling and accelerating the branch's idea of overmatch for gaining overwhelming advantages over adversaries.

Agencies launch initiative to better identify minority-owned contractors

The joint effort between the Small Business Administration and the General Services Administration aims to make it easier for federal procurement officials to connect with small, disadvantaged businesses across sectors.

Which path will, and should, small business contracting follow?

Another new initiative to increase small business participation in federal contracting brings up the disconnect between the amounts of money and companies in the system. It's time to ask whether growing both of those numbers is possible.

NGA chooses 5 for $947M professional services vehicle

The contract called "Clover" is for acquisition and financial management support.

Army awards 29 spots on $900M info management contract

This fourth iteration of the so-called "IMCS" contract continues support for the Army's Network Enterprise Command that operates and defends computer networks.

FDA announces contract for automation in drug performance analyses

The Food and Drug Administration is asking for proposals for automated devices that can provide high-definition imaging and critical analyses of drug performance as the agency works to integrate more AI.

Debt defaults are not shutdowns, but both raise money fears

Question number one that companies in the government market want answered is how payments for their work on contracts will, or will not, happen in a debt default situation. No one knows for sure.

DHS' cyber agency seeks small biz support for strategic planning

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has set a date to explain its changes to a management consulting services contract.

CIO-SP4 protests move toward final decision

No action appears likely to resolve the 130-plus protests involving this $50 billion IT vehicle, which indicates the Government Accountability Office will decide on the contract's next steps.

Judge reverses course, denies firm's standing to protest

Whether a subcontractor can force its way onto a team because it has a commercial product remains an unanswered question.

Booz Allen touts $919M award for 'Soldier-as-a-System'

The goal is to further advance technologies for this concept that includes items worn, carried, or used by soldiers.

VA lacks goals to assess satisfaction with new EHR, watchdog finds

The report found the absence of such goals has limited the Veterans Affairs Department's ability to measure user satisfaction with the new electronic health record system.

Pentagon outlines contractor cybersecurity plan

Industry should look out for the congressionally-mandated strategy to go out by the end of the year.

Blue Origin wins $3.4B shot to build lunar lander

The company won the competition to build a second lander for NASA that will ferry astronauts to the surface of the moon as part of the Artemis program.

NIST builds infrastructure for CHIPS loan program

The agency wants help to create financial models and analyzing capital markets as it manages billions in loans and grants to restore the U.S. semiconductor industry.

IRS adds more primes to resolve protests

The IRS faced a pair of protests but to move forward with a set of BPAs for modernization services, the agency added the protesters to the contract.