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A.J. Clark

A.J. Clark s the president with Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, a provider of web-enabled geospatial, mobile, and cloud solutions for the federal government.

Should you mirror Silicon Valley companies?

Over the past 12 months, Washington has taken a Silicon Valley-like approach to tackling many of today’s most challenging government IT issues. Here are five steps to bring a stronger innovation culture to your company and help your customers.


Avoiding the danger of custom technology

Budget pressures might be pushing some agencies inward to solve technology problems, but the risk is higher cost and less flexibility, according to Thermopylae Science & Technology president A.J. Clark.


Geospatial intell projects point the way toward more data sharing

Intelligence agencies and their defense counterparts are using geospatial solutions as a way to breakdown silos and increase collaboration.


The lifesaving imperative of adopting new technologies

With the rapid rise of new mobile and geospatial technologies hold the promising of reducing costs while increasing capabilities and above all, saving soldiers lives.