WT 360: Getting SBIR tech into the mainstream still has challenges

Editor Nick Wakeman dives into a bid protest decision with attorney Stephen Bacon that illustrates the challenges companies face when working on a Small Business Innovation Research contract.

WT 360's Info Session: Supply chains at home, climate reporting rules and best-in-class contracts

Courtney Bublé of Government Executive and Chris Riotta of FCW join to go over the Biden administration's "Buy American" push, new contractor regulations for climate reporting and cybersecurity, and the direction of best-in-class contracts.

WT 360: Jacobs' third wave is all about data and tech

This iteration of the company's strategy views digital and physical worlds as one and the same, as Jacobs vice president John Karabias explains in this episode.

WT 360: Amentum in the implementation phase of its strategy

The global government services company's course is the focus of this episode, where CEO John Heller describes where Amentum wants to go and some larger market dynamics that shape the strategy.

WT 360: Macrotrends and discussion starters poised to shape 2023

Hear our Ross Wilkers and RSM's government contracting senior analyst Stephanie Smith go over the topics and themes companies are paying attention to with 2023 underway, and some they should be talking about.

WT 360: Jack London's success driven by curiosity, integrity and entrepreneurship

Jennifer London, wife of the late Jack London, shares the lessons that CACI International's longtime leader learned during his career and what those lessons can teach everyone.

WT 360: All about ICF's physical and strategic moves

ICF's move to a new corporate headquarters is also a signpost for where the company has been and is going, as its CEO John Wasson explains in this episode.

WT 360: The Info Session picks up where 2022 ended and starts on 2023

The premiere episode of what is now WT 360 is also the start of our new Info Session series that brings together the reporting staff from WT's partner publications. Frank Konkel of Nextgov and Carten Cordell of FCW join the conversation to preview storylines to watch in 2023.

Introducing the new name for our podcast -- WT 360

As we retire the Project 38 brand, we look back at some of our favorite episodes from the past year and preview what to expect with the new name and look.

PROJECT 38: Looking back at 2022 and ahead to 2023 in GovCon

This episode wraps up 2022 for GovCon and looks ahead to what 2023 is shaping up to be with the insights of David Berteau, CEO of the Professional Services Council.

PROJECT 38: Today's data challenge is tomorrow's opportunity

An Amazon Web Services executive explains to Editor Nick Wakeman how advances in cloud computing technology are fueling ways to get better use out of all the information generated by government agencies.

PROJECT 38: How Razor's Edge Ventures scouts for tech and companies

The U.S. national defense strategy is a guide for how Razor's Edge Ventures decides where to make its investments, as two of their leaders explain in this episode.

PROJECT 38: New ManTech CEO shares his vision and keys for growth

ManTech CEO Matt Tait says their new owners in the Carlyle Group have told them this: ManTech needs to be ManTech to succeed in today's market. He tells editor Nick Wakeman what that means in this episode.

PROJECT 38: Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Small business entrepreneur Walter Barnes III, founder of PM Consulting, shares his journey with Editor Nick Wakeman and offers advice on overcoming the hurdles and challenges he’s faced in the federal market.

PROJECT 38: Using innovation theater to speed up change

What is the concept of innovation theater and how can it break the public sector ecosystem's status quo? Hear Raft's founder and CEO Shubhi Mishra both explain and dispel the negative notions surrounding it to our Ross Wilkers.

PROJECT 38: How the metaverse is already here with more to come

The metaverse is changing how agencies operate and how contractors deliver solutions. To hear Chris Copeland and Kyle Michl of Accenture Federal Services explain things to our Editor Nick Wakeman, the concept is more than a buzzword.

PROJECT 38: Volume is merely one leg of the data challenge

The statistics alone are daunting on how much data is being created in the world. Babel Street CEO Michael Southworth offers up those figures and what the tech industry's answers are in this episode with our Ross Wilkers.