WT 360: How emerging tech drives change across the market and more mission focus

Gettyimages.com/Songsak rohprasit

ACT-IAC's CEO David Wennergren describes how artificial intelligence, digital transformation, cybersecurity and the speed of change are all driving greater focus on the government's missions.

The rise of artificial intelligence, heightened demand for improved customer experience and the relentless pace of change are all continuing to drive the market here in 2024.

In this interview with Editor Nick Wakeman, ACT-IAC's CEO David Wennergren describes both the challenges ahead for agencies and contractors, plus the for optimism.

One key piece of advice from Wennergren stands out: There are many serious issues to resolve, but there are no excuses for individuals and companies not to get involved with each other and more importantly their government customers and with each other.

Industry also needs to put more focus on mission outcomes. Look for opportunities to make significant changes.

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