WT 360

WT 360: IBM's blueprint for making a bigger impact across public sector

Susan Wedge from IBM Consulting and Mark Johnson of IBM detail how what Big Blue does and what it wants to do for U.S. government agencies feeds into the corporation's larger vision.

WT 360: What 2023's economy means for GovCon

How government contractors are navigating inflation and higher interest rates tops the agenda for this conversation with Ruth Ann Clark of JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking and Don Irwin of J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

WT 360: All about Empower AI's shift to solutions

Empower AI adopted its current name in the summer of 2022 and one year later is moving to a more solutions-oriented approach to the market. Chief executive Jeff Bohling describes the shift in this episode amid the latest artificial intelligence hype cycle.

WT 360: Deloitte's view of how tech implementation, integration and consulting go together

Deloitte's government and public services practice leader Jason Salzetti goes over how the firm looks to be at the center of those areas in its work with federal agencies.

WT 360: BAE sees teaming as foundational to its success

BAE Systems Inc. executive Peder Jungck joins to explain how his company uses its technology partnership network as a means to know where the market disruption is coming from.

WT 360: The tech and investment threads of Noblis 'Vision 2030'

Company No. 76 on our 2023 Top 100 rankings is both a newcomer and among a handful of nonprofit organizations on the Top 100. The latter status means the company takes a longer-term view of its strategy and investments, which Noblis' chief executive Mile Corrigan goes over in this episode.

WT 360's Info Session dissects the 2023 Top 100

Washington Technology's Nick Wakeman is all done crunching through the numbers for the 2023 Top 100 rankings. Now it's time for him to talk with WT cohort Ross Wilkers about the 30th annual list of the largest federal technology and services contractors in a more directional manner.

WT 360: Ultra I&C's gameplan for its new private equity era

Jon Rucker, president of the Ultra Intelligence & Communications business, goes over what that team has been up to since the parent company's sale to private equity firm Advent International and the strategy's main three legs.

WT 360: ICF's vision for its tech office goes beyond ones and zeros

ICF's lead technology executives Mark Lee and Kyle Tuberson join to explain the company's creation of a new organization focused on innovation and how today's client landscape looks very similar across public sector and commercial markets.

WT 360: All about AT&T's public sector strategy and today's 5G landscape

AT&T's public sector leader Zee Hussain joins to go over how that business unit works to align itself with the goals and vision of the corporation at-large, plus how agencies are starting or in some cases accelerating their 5G journey.

WT 360: Our snap reax to Jacobs' spinoff plan

Washington Technology's Ross Wilkers and Nick Wakeman offer up their first impressions of Jacobs' plan to create a new $4.4 billion-annual revenue government services company.

WT 360's Info Session unpacks the government's two biggest health tech efforts

Adam Mazmanian of FCW and Edward Graham of Nextgov jump in for a review and look-ahead of two ongoing massive electronic health record integrations at the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, the latter of which is the subject of intense scrutiny.

WT 360: What are V2X's next big steps?

V2X's chief growth and client service officer Sue Deagle joins the podcast to explain the rationale for putting this new company together by merging Vectrus and Vertex, plus how the combined team is looking to grow beyond the foundation already in place.

WT 360: All about Arcfield's strategy and investment thesis

Arcfield's chief executive Kevin Kelly joins the WT 360 conversation to explain what the company has been up to since being stood up in the winter of 2021 and where it wants to go with the support of a Veritas Capital fund focused on midsized businesses.

WT 360's Info Session: The largest Navy conference, banking, cyber, and figuring out JADC2

Lauren Williams and Marcus Weisgerber from our partner publication Defense One jump into the conversation to go over all things military, technology and budgets as they are always key watch items for companies.

WT 360: BigBear's agenda for itself and the AI market

Both the new chief executive of BigBear and head of its federal business join the 360 conversation to lay out the company's pathway it believes is the right one to become an artificial intelligence integration leader.

WT 360: How Aeyon chose its investor and where it wants to go

Aeyon's chief executive Sunny Singh joins the podcast to explain the company's focus on robotic process automation and how it picked its private investment partner.