Army awards $910M vehicle repair, overhaul contract

sutiporn somnam/Getty Images

The Army has awarded 21 companies positions on a $910 million contract to acquire broad repair and overhaul services for maintaining machines, systems and vehicles over the next five years.

All but one of the 22 companies that submitted a proposal won a seat on the contract, the Pentagon said in its Thursday awards digest.

Companies that will compete for task orders are as follows:

  • Accent Controls
  • ACE Electronics Defense Systems
  • Akima Support Operations
  • Amentum
  • Ducom
  • KBR
  • ManTech
  • Mettle Ops
  • MTP Drivetrain Services
  • Oshkosh Defense
  • PD Systems
  • Ricardo Defense
  • Serco Inc.
  • Sirco Correctional Services
  • Solution One Industries
  • Strategic Resources Inc.
  • Technica
  • Vanquish Worldwide
  • VSE
  • Waltonen Engineering
  • Yulista Aviation