PROJECT 38: Using innovation theater to speed up change Cris Cantón

What is the concept of innovation theater and how can it break the public sector ecosystem's status quo? Hear Raft's founder and CEO Shubhi Mishra both explain and dispel the negative notions surrounding it to our Ross Wilkers.

Both a lawyer and data scientist by training, Shubhi Mishra started Raft four years ago as a digital engineering company focused on solving problems with high degrees of difficulty.

Shubi Mishra, founder of Raft

Raft's method for doing just that is "innovation theater" -- a concept Mishra explained earlier this year at an entrepreneurs forum focused on defense and does so again in this episode with our Ross Wilkers.

Mishra concedes some may not view innovation theater in a positive light at first glance, but sees that model as necessary to breaking the status quo and finding solutions to federal agencies' hard challenges.

She also gives an alternative view on today's talent challenge in the public sector ecosystem and why that problem also requires different thinking than many of the oft-spoken perspectives.