Non-compliance ruling sparks protest over $12B Army IT contract

DH Technologies says its issue was minor and didn't give the company a competitive advantage.

Awards for the $10 billion Army IT Enterprise Solutions 4H contract vehicle are still months away, but one company is already fighting back because the Army eliminated it from the competition.

This ITES vehicle focuses on commercial hardware that the Army needs to support its IT systems.

The Army deemed DH Technologies’ proposal as non-compliant, but the company argues that the mistake is minor and didn’t create an unfair advantage.

A Government Accountability Office decision on the protest is due by June 3. Of course, this is the type of protest that can lend itself to a quick corrective action so we’ll be watching for that.

ITES-4H is one of the top opportunities coming out of the Army's Program Executive Office-Enterprise Information Systems.

The service expects to spread 17 awards across small business and full-and-open categories, all by January 2025. The contract will have a five-year base and five-year option period.

The current ITES-3H contract was awarded in 2016 and also has 17 companies.

GovTribe data points to the top five contractors as including World Wide Technology, Iron Bow Technologies, CDW-Government, CACI International's ID Technologies subsidiary and Wildflower International. 

About $4.3 billion in task order obligations have gone through ITES-3H, which is slated to expire on Feb. 19, 2016.