CACI speaks to the other half of today's talent crunch

Acquisition teams inside federal agencies need workers too and are losing them, which has a knock-on effect that CACI International wants investors to consider.

CACI renews fight for $343M TSA IT infrastructure contract

This protest saga is on again after the Transportation Security Agency chose a competitor for the second time.

PROJECT 38: CACI's DeEtte Gray offers her best advice to future women execs

DeEtte Gray, president of CACI International’s business and information technology solutions sector, shares with Editor Nick Wakeman her experiences as a female executive coming up through the ranks in the government contracting market and offers her best advice for the next generation of women leaders.

PROJECT 38: Why enterprise solutions demand a higher level of focus

CACI International's lead IT executive DeEtte Gray describes to Editor Nick Wakeman the focus companies must have to win business and deliver enterprise solutions in today's federal market.

CACI gets another shot at $209M Navy logistics contract

The Navy will take second look at its selection of Serco Inc. for the award.

CACI, Northrop report modestly improving macrotrends

Some lagging indicators remain in their latest quarterly financial reports even if they are looking slightly better.

NGA chooses 5 for $500M services contract

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is being cryptic about the actual work under a $500 million multiple-award contract.

Better tools for analysts drove CACI to buy Bluestone Analytics

The U.S. government has more data than any other enterprise and the need for better analytics tools drove CACI International to buy Bluestone Analytics, one of two companies it acquired last year.

Where CACI succeeded in its TSA IT infrastructure protest

The Government Accountability Office explains how it sided with CACI International's argument that the company properly scored in a bid to keep a $343 million Transportation Security Agency IT contract.

CACI wins round one in fight to keep $343M TSA IT contract

CACI International successfully argues the Transportation Security Agency made errors in choosing a competitor to manage IT infrastructure used by airports.

Tradition continues: protest ties up $343M TSA IT contract

CACI International is the third incumbent to lose the recompete for an IT infrastructure contract with the Transportation Security Agency, and also the third to protest after not winning the award.

Is stagnation in the GovCon system getting worse?

Delays in all types of procurement activity at federal agencies are nothing new, but some executives say today's stagnation in the system is more pronounced.

Revisiting CACI's IT thesis and the big question it poses

CACI International's strategy for pursuing IT work with government agencies does not include one significant category of contracts.

CACI's latest acquisitions bolster its commitment to secure communications

CACI International ended 2021 with an acquisition and started 2022 with another, and both deals signal CACI's commitment to secure communications from anywhere at anytime.

CACI ruled ineligible for $774M Army encryption contract

A federal judge has ruled that CACI International should not have been allowed to bid on a $774 million Army encryption contract, so the question becomes why the branch evaluated the company's proposal at all.

How CACI, Northrop see today's supply chain & labor megatrends

Supply chain disruption and labor constraints go hand-in-hand in today’s environment, according to several large publicly traded government contractors.

TOP 100: CACI makes bold moves toward future growth

There was no sitting still for CACI International as the No. 13 ranked company restructured and added new capabilities as it prepares for a positive turn in the market.