State Department finalizes $2.5B logistics vehicle awards / Tuomas Lehtinen

Small businesses will compete for task orders to support Middle East and South Central Asia contingency environments

The State Department has finalized awards on a potential five-year, $2.5 billion contract vehicle for logistics and other professional support services around the world.

Only small businesses could bid on this portion of the Diplomatic Platform Support Services vehicle, also known as DiPSS that focuses on lifecycle support and operations and maintenance work. All 11 bidders for the DiPSS small business set-aside track received their positions on June 30, according to Federal Procurement Data System information.

FPDS records identify these companies as awardees:

  • Advanced C4 Solutions
  • Blueforce
  • Futron
  • IDS International Government Services
  • Metrica
  • Olgoonik
  • Patriot Group International
  • Planate Management Group
  • Strategic Operational Solutions
  • Veterans Holding Group
  • Vista Technology Services

These awards are essentially companions to the potential $6 billion full-and-open portion awarded in 2019.

The Middle East and South Central Asia contingency environments are among the primary areas of focus for the department, which operates approximately 250 posts worldwide at any given time. But that number fluctuates as global situations dictate.

Proposals were originally due in July 2017, then the department modified the solicitation two years later in response to a series of protests against the request for proposals. The revised due date then became Dec. 31, 2019.