Small business wins $554M NASA financial services contract Mongkhonkhamsao

Work primarily supports NASA's research hubs, but other centers can acquire through the contract as well.

Small business MM Technologies has won a potential $553.7 million contract for broad financial support and professional services to NASA's nationwide network of research centers.

The phase-in period of three months begins on Dec. 1 with work taking place for up to eight years including options, NASA said Monday.

An initial two-year base period will be followed by up to three option periods of two years each, then a potential six-month extension option.

Huntsville, Alabama-headquartered MM will carry out the services at Armstrong Flight Research Center, Ames Research Center, Glenn Research Center, Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center and Stennis Space Center.

Other NASA centers can use the contract to acquire services for their needs as well.

Examples of work areas include accounting, financial management, business information services, quality assurance, travel and conference administration, and special financial analysis.