Commerce names desired winners for $1.5B enterprise IT vehicle / DrPixel

The window is open those who believe one or more of these intended awardees are actually not small businesses.

The Commerce Department has identified the 15 small businesses it wants for a potential 10-year, $1.5 billion enterprise IT services contract.

But that group of companies cannot quite celebrate awards just yet given the department labels them as "apparently successful offerors" in its award notice posted Monday.

Commerce's notice opens the window for challenges to the intended awardees' small business size status, of which the typical period is around 10 days after the list is published.

Federal agencies are required by acquisition law to go through that process for any small business set-aside contract such as this one.

Apparent successful offerors are as follows:

  • BrightPoint
  • Centuria
  • CW-LTS
  • DotIT
  • Enterprise Solutions and Management Corp.
  • Halvik
  • Koniag Management Services
  • MetroIBR joint venture
  • NOVA-Dine
  • ProGov Partners
  • Reston Consulting Group
  • Riva Solutions
  • Sona Networks
  • T and T Consulting Services
  • VentechSnap joint venture

Barring any challenges, those companies will compete for task orders to support the department's overall IT environment and chief information officer organization under the Commerce Acquisition for Transformational Technology Services vehicle.

CATTS has an initial one-year base period followed by up to nine individual option years.