Parsons get second chance at $320M Air Force cloud competition MR.Cole_Photographer

What Parsons said in a protest has led the Air Force to take another look at proposals for an application migration award.

Parsons has scored a second chance at a $320 million Air Force task order to migrate legacy applications to a web-based cloud computing environment.

Science Applications International Corp. won the award March, then in the following month Parsons quickly filed an objection at the Government Accountability Office to challenge the evaluation.

Details are sparse, but something in the Parsons protest convinced the Air Force it needed to reevaluate proposals. In addition to questioning the evaluation, Parsons also raised concerns about a possible organizational conflict-of-interest.

The Air Force decided to take corrective action before the deadline to file a response.

Known as AppTX for Applications Transformation, the Air Force is using the Alliant 2 vehicle to award that task order.

The winning contractor will have to keep the applications running and accessible while the migration takes place.