Parsons Corp

Parsons is both cryptic and revealing about a $1.2B win

How did the company win this award and what is it for? Parsons gave the picture but not the color.

Parsons books $1.8B FAA technical support contract

This fifth iteration of the contract supports the Federal Aviation Administration's capital investment plan for upgrading its infrastructure and other assets.

Parsons' most recent acquisition and what it means

The company has a new set of three-year financial goals for investors to consider as it continues on the path of blending the digital with the physical.

Parsons to acquire cyber, software provider for utilities

Infrastructure digitization and modernization opportunities are where the buyer is looking to further position itself.

Parsons' 2023 outlook highlights defense tech research and infrastructure opportunities

The company expects infrastructure spending to ramp up toward the end of 2023, but not peak for another three years afterward.

Where Parsons sees commonality between its two businesses

In this company's eyes, a similar theme of technology modernization dominates the agenda for government and critical infrastructure programs.

Parsons promotes new defense and intelligence business leader

The three-decade market veteran will oversee business execution and strategic growth initiatives.

Parsons' drive for growth gains steam

The company's strategy is paying off as it converts the value of its backlog into actual higher margin revenue.

Parsons elevates new finance chief, current CFO joins board

A former Pentagon acquisition chief also is taking up a seat on Parsons' board of directors.

Five win seats on $850M counter-WMD program

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency is acquiring services for training and mission rehearsal through the contract.

PROJECT 38: How the convergence of digital and physical drive Parsons' growth

Parsons Corp. was born an engineering company in 1944 and still is. But software is also a core component in both federal and infrastructure markets as our Ross Wilkers heard from Peter Torrellas, president of the company's connected communities business.

Parsons to acquire biometric, counter-unmanned tech company

Both Parsons' federal and critical infrastructure segments will have access to Xator's offerings after the $400 million transaction's closure.

Parsons' new delivery model is its connective tissue

The company is seeing more convergence and collaboration opportunities in its federal and critical infrastructure segments.

DHA awards $10B military medical research contract

Fifty-six companies will work with the agency to translate findings and innovations into medical practices for combat casualty care.

Parsons sees rising infrastructure spending on the horizon

Two federal customers in particular have already increased outlays with more on the way thanks to the infrastructure bill passed last year.

Parsons get second chance at $320M Air Force cloud competition

What Parsons said in a protest has led the Air Force to take another look at proposals for an application migration award.

Parsons sees infrastructure spending opportunities on the horizon

Parsons Corp.'s plan for this year is already in place, but the company also has the infrastructure spending bill and any potential opportunities from it on its mind for 2023.