SMX to continue Navy remote telecom, computer network support

GETTY IMAGES | Yuichiro Chino

SMX will stretch its support of Navy telecommunications and computer networks that users connect to when away from the central core for another five years.

SMX has received a five-year, $133.6 million contract to continue its support of telecommunications and computer networks whose users are located away from the central core environment.

The TARCES contract's full name is Tactical and Remote, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence Edge Systems. Legacy, industry-standard and newly emerging technologies are required as part of the larger solution.

Hollywood, Md.-headquartered SMX was the lone bidder for the contract, according to the Pentagon’s awards digest. Formerly known as Smartronix, the company now operating as SMX was awarded the first iteration of TARCES in 2018.

Some of the requirements include:

  • Solution engineering and recommendations
  • Network, desktop and server administration
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure and cable plant technology
  • Applications development and operations support
  • Cybersecurity and information assurance support

Work will take place through May 2027.