Tetra Tech extends FAA footprint via acquisition

The exterior of Washington Dulles International Airport.

The exterior of Washington Dulles International Airport. Gettyimages.com / ajansen

Tetra Tech adds around 500 employees through this newest in a series of purchases over the past decade.

Tetra Tech has added another enterprise technology and management consulting business to its federal IT practice that also has a focus on infrastructure, both government and highly-regulated.

By acquiring LS Technologies, Tetra Tech adds around 500 employees that work on digital transformation initiatives across areas such as data analytics and cybersecurity. Other terms of the transaction announced Thursday were not disclosed.

LS Technologies was founded in 2000 and its main client is the Federal Aviation Administration, where the company supports programs that contribute to that agency's ongoing infrastructure modernization efforts.

LS has received approximately $129.7 million in unclassified prime contract obligations over the trailing 12 months, according to Govtribe data.

For Tetra Tech, its purchase of LS represents the newest in a series of them over the past decade to build out a federal technology business that can also have some synergies with highly-regulated sectors including infrastructure.

In January 2023, Tetra Tech announced its acquisition of Amyx to bring in more application development and cybersecurity offerings. Tetra Tech made a pair of purchases in 2022 that centered around energy management and climate science.

Tetra Tech recorded approximately $1.4 billion in U.S. federal revenue during its most recent fiscal year ended Oct. 1, according to its FY 2023 report for shareholders. That makes up for approximately 31% of total sales.