M&A Trends

Deal for Splunk brings new capabilities and competitors to Cisco

There is little to no overlap between the two but Cisco picks up more software based solutions that should strengthen its core.

HiddenLayer closes $50M Series A capital raise

Booz Allen Hamilton's venture capital fund is among the investors in this one-year-old startup that focuses on defending artificial intelligence systems.

VTG gets new private equity owner

The company has been on a path to pivot more toward digital-centric work in support of defense systems and platforms.

WT 360: RTX Ventures casts its net wide and far across an expanding tech ecosystem

Dan Ateya, president and managing director of RTX's venture capital division, explains how the aerospace-and-defense giant also is a scout for startup businesses and technologies that show promise for transforming the entire ecosystem.

How keeping a stake in divested businesses can pay off

Zack Hester of Bluestone Investment Partners says that companies can have their cake and eat it too by keeping some equity in businesses they find another owner for.

Enlightenment Capital sells biometrics tech provider for $41M

The investment firm has backed Infinite ID through acquisitions and a rebrand under that identity.

Dcode's venture capital fund gets J.P. Morgan backing

The government technology accelerator's arm for backing startups in the federal landscape can now tap into a more global network of financing and references.

Systems Planning & Analysis moves on another space-focused acquisition

SPA has prioritized that corner of the government market under the ownership of private equity firm Arlington Capital Partners.

Cerberus invests in aerospace survivability system maker

Resonant Sciences gets more financial backing to focus on its facilities and product pipelines.

Bridge Core acquires data, analytics software firm

NewSpring Holdings helps its newest portfolio company identify a first purchase to further build out technology offerings.

WT 360: For Lockheed's ventures team, its investments are merely step one

Chris Moran, executive director and general manager of Lockheed Martin's venture capital arm, takes us behind the scenes of their work with startup technology companies after the investment and how that larger ecosystem really operates.

Forward Slope acquires AI software integrator

Soar Technologies develops its artificial intelligence and machine learning offerings to assess large numbers of human knowledge in military applications.

GCOM, OnCore Consulting agree to merge

One of these two public sector software providers is backed by Sagewind Capital, a private equity firm active in the government market, and will bring a federal practice to the combined company.

Scout Space acquires domain awareness, security software startup

One of Scout Space's primary investors is the corporate venture arm of Noblis, which invests in early-stage tech startups in part to bring their offerings into the government landscape.

DC Capital Partners drove this pair of acquisitions

Two of the private equity firm's portfolio companies make new expansion moves across emergency and disaster management, plus cloud computing security.

Parsons buys defensive cyber provider for $175M

Sealing Technologies focuses on the protection and defense of computer networks, which Parsons sees as complementary to the offensive aspect of cyber.