Tech startup enters federal IT landscape via acquisition / Yuichiro Chino

Irys Technologies' goal is to become a more formidable competitor in data protection and digital safety.

Irys Technologies, a startup focused on cloud software development, has acquired a government IT services provider in a move that represents the buyer's foray into that landscape.

Diversified Technical Services opened for business almost four decades ago as a specialist in software development and cybersecurity. Terms of the transaction announced Friday were not disclosed, but DTSI will become the main IT services division of Irys.

Both businesses are headquartered in San Antonio and now with DTSI's team in the fold, Irys becomes a 60-employee organization that works across several aspects of data protection and digital safety.

Irys is looking to complement its work in generative artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics with DTSI's offerings.

DTSI has received approximately $6.7 million in unclassified prime contract obligations over the trailing 12 months with substantially all of that spend from the Air Force, according to GovTribe data.