Granicus makes two deals expand civic engagement portfolio

Granicus makes two quick deals to expand its portfolio of platforms focused on citizens' digital interactions with government agencies.

A public sector-focused civic engagement technology company has completed two acquisitions in quick succession to expand its portfolio of platforms focused on citizens’ digital interactions with government agencies.

Granicus’ dual purchases of Bang The Table and OpenCities are intended to present a larger player to the overall civic engagement market with three brands under one roof.

Both acquired assets are headquartered in Australia, but Granicus sees the deals as bringing in greater solution content to offer agencies in the U.S. through a cloud-based platform.

The enlarged Granicus portfolio covers areas such as digital communications and community feedback, websites and content management systems, digital services and constituent management, agenda automation and public meetings, and records management.

Some of Granicus’ work in the U.S. federal arena includes one project with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to directly contact drivers with vehicle and product recall information. A second initiative for the Labor Department uses Granicus’ platform to track and recognize the extents to which businesses hire veterans.

“Great digital customer experiences are driven by data and modern experience platforms, and great resident experiences with government require the same,” Granicus CEO Mark Hynes said in a release.

“Together, we’re igniting deeply informed, transparent, and responsive governments, better-engaged communities, and dynamic experiences that deliver more meaningful outcomes for governments and the people they serve.”

Shea & Company acted as financial adviser to Granicus for the Bang The Table transaction. GLC Advisors & Co advised Bang The Table. MergerTech was the financial adviser to OpenCities.