GDIT steps back from $2B PTO protest

General Dynamics IT has withdrawn its protest of a $2 billion Patent and Trademark Office contract after seeing the agency's response.

General Dynamics IT has withdrawn its protest of a $2 billion U.S. Patent and Trademark Office contract, but the other protesters continue to object to the so-called BOSS vehicle.

GDIT was one of eight protesters after USPTO picked five winners for the Business Oriented Software Solutions contract.

GDIT filed its protest April 26 and USPTO responded May 26. GDIT was to reply to USPTO's response by June 7 but instead withdrew.

Something in the USPTO response either made GDIT realize they were likely to lose the protest or the agency's response answered the company's concerns.

GDIT declined to comment.

The BOSS contract covers software development and integration, testing, configuration management, production, software maintenance and transition, and program management.

BOSS has had a bumpy road with earlier protests but they were resolved. The still-active protests likely won’t be resolved until later this summer.

Current protesters are:

  • Salient CRGT
  • M6-Vets LLC
  • MERPTech LLC
  • Metric 8
  • RCH Partners LLC
  • Stratera Fulcrum Technologies

Waiting in the wings are the five original winners:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Halvik Corp.
  • Riva Solutions
  • Science Applications International Corp.
  • Steampunk