4 things to know about the Top 25

The 2012 Top 25 8(a) list represents the diversity of contractors and the paths to success in the government market.

1. Don’t worry, it’s not déjà vu

The rankings from No. 1 through 4 are identical to the 2011 rankings with MircoTech capturing the No. 1 spot again, followed by Actionet Inc., Neany Inc., and Usfalcon Inc. These four have become case studies in how to use the 8(a) program as a tool for building your business.

2. The ANCs are back

A few years back, we made the decision to pull out the companies that were owned by Alaska Native Corporations and Native American tribes. Our reasoning was that they had certain benefits that other 8(a) companies didn’t have, the most notable being no limit on the size of sole source, no compete contracts. A lot of those benefits are still in place, but there has been a pull-back in how they are used and the size of ANCs and tribal companies in the 8(a) program have come down.

3. Geographic diversity

Twelve states are represented in the Top 25, with only three companies headquartered in Virginia, and four in Maryland. Other states with multiple companies include Alaska with four, Texas with three and California with two. It’s just another indication that government work takes place across a broad spectrum of locations.

4. Technological diversity

The companies on the list represent a broad set of capabilities, from No. 1 MicroTech’s reseller, software and IT offerings to No. 25 Multilingual Solutions’ language and translation services. In between are companies provide engineering, manufacturing and professional services, alongside more traditional IT and systems integration work. The diversity of the small business world is alive and well in the 8(a) program.


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