Top 25

8(a) and instant data; not a bad place to be

Genova Technologies scored No. 23 on 2012's Top 25 8(a) contractors list. Listen to president and CEO, Dawn Ainger, tell why she thinks her company is in a good place.

How Neany broke $100M in prime contracts

Neany Inc. CEO Steven Steptoe shares his recipe for 8(a) success: agility, quick returns and focus

Inside MicroTech's winning 8(a) strategy

CEO Tony Jimenez shares how his company used the 8(a) program as a tool for success. One hint: 8(a) isn't an end in itself.

4 things to know about the Top 25

The 2012 Top 25 8(a) list represents the diversity of contractors and the paths to success in the government market.