Small-biz efforts slammed in WT poll

Reader's give barely passing grades to the federal government's small business efforts.

The government is getting low marks from Washington Technology readers for their small-business efforts.

The Small Business Administration last week gave the government a 'B' grade.

The government awarded 22.7 percent of its contracting dollars to small companies in fiscal 2010, compared to 21.9 percent the previous year. But the government still missed its 23 percent goal.

It awarded $97.9 billion to small businesses in 2010, compared with $96.8 billion in 2009, a $1.1 billion increase.

The 'B' grade means that the government met 90 percent to 99 percent of its goals for the year.

But a 'B' is too kind, according to readers responding to a WT web poll.

Thirty-three percent gave the government a 'D', the most common grade, while 30 percent said the score should be a 'C'.

A failing grade was awarded by 26 percent of respondents.

Five percent were very kind and gave the government an 'A', and 3 percent awarded a 'B'.

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