Advocacy Office launches research website

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy launched a website to help companies with their business research.

SBA's new size limits yield mixed reviews

Organizations, legislators react to new SBA policy on increasing small business size limits.

New bills aim to strengthen small-biz contracting

The House Small Business Committee continues to propose legislation aimed at helping small firms do federal business.

SBA proposals could make small-biz credit easier to get

Changes in rules would help agencies meet subcontracting goals.

Senators push reforms for small-business contracting

Tougher fraud penalties and an extension for HUBzone businesses among the proposals.

SBA adds vets, women to mentor-protégé program

The Small Business Administration wants more firms participating in its mentor-protégé program beyond 8(a) companies.

Obama wants small businesses paid in 15 days

The faster payments will give small businesses more confidence in cash flow, officials say.

Living in the limelight

Thanks, in part, to the limelight that procurement spending is getting nowadays, small businesses received the largest two-year increase in contracts in more than a decade.

Senators, SBA dispute accuracy of small-business credit

Senators question whether small-business contracting goals are an "empty achievement."

Small-biz efforts slammed in WT poll

Reader's give barely passing grades to the federal government's small business efforts.

Government gets a B in 2010 small-business contracting

The government awarded $97.9 billion to small businesses in 2010, compared to $96.8 billion in 2009.

Alaska natives defend set-aside program before Senate committee

Advocates say the program is successing and building businesses, which doesn't mean the program should end.

Former GSA procurement chief goes to the Hill again

Emily Murphy will be working on small-business contracting and workforce issues for a House committee.

SBA launches contracting program for women

Contracting officers can now set-aside contracts for woman-owned small businesses, under an interim rule issued April 1.

SBA to Alaska Native Corporations: Show us the money

Alaska Native Corporations soon will have to report to the Small Business Administration on how they have used their special set-aside government contract funds to help their communities back home.

SBA expects first contracts in new woman-owned business program by summer

Contracting officers will now be able to set aside specific contracts for woman-owned small businesses for the first time through the program.

Brown-Dixon goes from GSA to SBA

A small-business guru and director of small business takes talents to SBA