Brown-Dixon goes from GSA to SBA

A small-business guru and director of small business takes talents to SBA

SBA offers grants for business-development help

National organizations would provide training, guidance, counseling and mentoring to small companies to be successful in the federal marketplace.

Contract management becomes top priority for White House

OMB's procurement policy chief is shifting the emphasis from the contract award process to managing contracts after they have been awarded.

Can GTSI make the switch to a services company?

GTSI's new CEO discusses the company's future, rumors of a sale and the impact of low morale in part two of our interview with him. What is his strategy for the company?

Can GTSI's new CEO save the company?

In part one of a two part interview, GTSI's new president and CEO, Sterling Phillips, discusses what GTSI has weathered so far. How have customers, employees and partners reacted?

What you can learn from GTSI's contracting ban

Industry insiders see a variety of lessons from GTSI's recent contracting troubles. What steps should both large and small companies take to make sure they steer clear of trouble?

How SBA action led GTSI leader to fall on his sword

Scott Friedlander says he was on a personal mission to save the company, but resigned as the best way to make sure GTSI survived an SBA suspension.

SBA lifts GTSI ban; Friedlander, general counsel resign

Small Business Administration lifts GTSI's temporary suspension, but the company's executive suite pays a heavy toll.

Can GTSI stay in business?

The fight to clear its name is in the middle of a 30-day countdown as GTSI's suspension raises risks for the company, including possible debarment.

SBA to launch small business program for women

SBA officials are setting up procedures to help woman-owned small businesses gain more access to the federal contracting marketplace.

What's next for GTSI?

The company faces a tough road back from suspension. What will it do first?

GTSI suspension: a shot across the bow?

SBA’s suspension Friday of GTSI Inc. from winning new federal contracts raised questions and concerns within the contracting community -- and maybe a little fear.

SBA: No decisions on High Road policy

The Obama administration has made no decision on the High Road, a procurement policy giving advantages to companies with above-average employee pay and other benefits.

GTSI suspended but vows to fight

GTSI has been suspended from winning new government contracts but vows to defend itself against charges that it inappropriately received small-business contract dollars.

Republicans push for SBA position on contractor pay policy

Senate Republicans fight a policy that would give preference in awarding contracts to businesses that offer better-than-average pay and benefits.

Set-aside program for women on the way, SBA says

Small Business Administration officials have proposed amending the agency's rules, and federal regulators are considering changes to governmentwide rules.

Small businesses rack up record fed contracts in 2009

Small businesses won a record $96.8 billion in federal prime contracts in fiscal 2009, an increase of more than $3 billion from 2008, according to the Small Business Administration.

SBA, CompTIA join forces to help small IT firms

Agreement focuses on education, training and awareness of government small-business programs.

Fake companies still win SBA approval

GAO tests SBA's set-aside program with fake companies that used the Alamo's address as their headquarters and still won certification.

SBA, IG disagree on sole-source awards

In awarding two sole-source contracts, IG says SBA officials defeated the purpose of the Recovery Act.