Treasury makes push for more women, minorities as contract employees

The Treasury Department might add a clause to future contracts to encourage the hiring of more women and minorities by contractors.

DHS might add rules to protect subcontractors

The Homeland Security Department is suggesting changes to the Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation designed to prevent 'windfalls' for contractors.

GSA's SAM may not yet be fixed

Although GSA said its new System for Award Management system is ready, users were still experiencing trouble.

Agencies say 'No mas' to wartime contracting reforms

The Defense and State departments and USAID have followed some recommendations of the Wartime Contracting Commission, but now say they don't want to do more. But some senators want to make the changes mandatory.

The danger of believing in silver bullets

The push is on for everything-as-a-service, but don't fall into the trap of believing it can solve all your problems.

Who's cheaper? Feds or contractors?

Who makes more, feds or private-sector workers? What's the better deal, contracting work or using federal employees? GAO says it doesn't know either. Why are these questions so challenging?

Contractor mistrust hurts the government's mission

The $20 billion a year the government wastes because it distrusts contractors is just the beginning of the damage done by poor relationships.

100 words that kill your proposal

Capture management expert Bob Lohfeld gives a tutorial on words to avoid when writing your bid proposal.

Can a $10B contract really save the government money?

GSA wants to improve procurements and save the government money, but is a $10 billion contract the answer?

Industry readies pink slips

Are industry's plans to layoff workers if sequestration becomes a reality an empty threat? Editor Nick Wakeman doesn't think so.

A better way for GSA to fix its schedules

Mark Amtower explores where GSA should put its energies in reforming its schedule program.

ANC contracting takes a hit

Alaska Native and tribally owned companies are seeing their contract dollars shrink. What's behind the drop?

Small and mid-tier businesses: Time for a deep breath

Small-business contracting fell last year, but one year isn't a trend. PSC President Stan Soloway warns against a rush to change contracting goals.

Contractor distrust costs DOD billions, study says

Too much suspicion of contractors makes procurements too expensive. What four steps does DOD need to take?

Is NetCents just a symptom of bigger woes?

NetCents isn't the only program with troubles. The root of the problem is that the whole procurement system and culture is broken.

Small subs get presidential attention, faster money

The Obama administration's new policy pushes prime contractors to make faster payments to small subcontractors as agencies pay primes faster.

IBM protests $543M award to HP

Big Blue cries foul over a contract award for a system to track assets at VA facilities around the country.