Can small businesses keep up with defense cyber requirements?

The Defense Department is launching a study to assess how well companies can handle cyber self-assessments.

Pentagon acquisition reforms may get more scrutiny

William LaPlante, who has been nominated to be the undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, indicated that he would review recent acquisition reforms and champion modern software practices if confirmed.

Agencies look to streamline payment data collection in contracting

The keepers of the federal government's acquisition rulebook – GSA, DOD and NASA – want to increase automation in payments to contractors.

GSA relaunches federal IT dashboard

The federal IT dashboard has officially relaunched after an overhaul intended to modernize the site, which dates back to 2009.

The IC's 4-year emerging tech investment plan

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence's investment strategy aims to make it easier for companies to connect with program managers.

GSA's DUNS replacement set to go live

The General Services Administration is ready to flip the switch in early April on the non-proprietary entity identifier that is replacing the old DUNS number in federal contracting systems.

IRS plans new version of its $700M digital platform contract

The Integrated Enterprise Portal 2.0 procurement will cover some of the most widely used, public-facing IRS applications.

Supreme Court hearing turns to the contractor mandate

Chief Justice John Roberts invoked the federal contractor mandate – currently blocked from taking effect due to a lawsuit – at a hearing at which two separate vaccine authority cases were argued on Friday.

Issa's reform effort doesn't go far enough

Rep. Darrell Issa wants stronger CIOs, cloud computing and consolidated data centers, but his reform proposal doesn't go far enough.

Suspension, debarments on the rise

OFPP adminitrator touts rise as evidence the government is going after bad actors.

7 tools for sequestration survival

The specter of sequestration is a character test for any company. Here's what leaders should be doing in today's market.

Treasury makes push for more women, minorities as contract employees

The Treasury Department might add a clause to future contracts to encourage the hiring of more women and minorities by contractors.

DHS might add rules to protect subcontractors

The Homeland Security Department is suggesting changes to the Homeland Security Acquisition Regulation designed to prevent 'windfalls' for contractors.

GSA's SAM may not yet be fixed

Although GSA said its new System for Award Management system is ready, users were still experiencing trouble.

Agencies say 'No mas' to wartime contracting reforms

The Defense and State departments and USAID have followed some recommendations of the Wartime Contracting Commission, but now say they don't want to do more. But some senators want to make the changes mandatory.

The danger of believing in silver bullets

The push is on for everything-as-a-service, but don't fall into the trap of believing it can solve all your problems.

Who's cheaper? Feds or contractors?

Who makes more, feds or private-sector workers? What's the better deal, contracting work or using federal employees? GAO says it doesn't know either. Why are these questions so challenging?