EPA awards green technology contracts

The Environmental Protection Agency has awarded contracts to 23 companies to develop green technologies as part of its small business innovation research program.

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded contracts to 23 small businesses to help bring new green technologies to market. The combined value of the contracts was $1.6 million.

The awards are part of the EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.

“Since 1982, EPA has been priming the pump of American ingenuity to better improve America’s environment,” Kevin Teichman, deputy associate administrator for EPA’s Office of Research and Development, said in a news release Feb. 20. “We believe that small businesses can be leaders for green innovation and they are proving that economic and environmental gains can go hand in hand.”

The companies receiving the SBIR grants, and the technologies they will provide, are:

  • Active Spectrum Inc., San Carlos, Calif., emission sensors.
  • Agave Biosystems, Austin, Texas, enzyme systems.
  • Applied Sciences Inc.. Cedarville, Ohio, nano-enhanced electrodes.
  • Bridger Photonics, Inc. Bozeman, Mont., handheld sensors.
  • Constellation Technology Corp., Largo, Fla., online water monitoring.
  • DC Instruments, Thousand Oaks, Calif., sound waves to detect leaks in water pipes.
  • Ecovative Design LLC, Troy, N.Y., agricultural byproducts in construction.
  • Electronic Biosciences LLC, San Diego, Calif., rapid detection of toxic algae.
  • Eon Research Corp., Davis Calif., toxicity testing.
  • Faraday Technology Inc., Dayton, Ohio, lead-free coatings.
  • Fuss & O’Neil; Manchester, Conn., electricity generation from wastewater.
  • Gevo Inc., Englewood, Colo., biocatalyst.
  • Innova Tech Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C., air pollution control filter.
  • Integran Technologies USA Inc., Pittsburgh, Penn.,  alloy coatings.
  • Ion Signature Technology Inc., Smithfield, Ind., pollution detection system.
  • KWJ Engineering Inc., Newark, Calif., portable analyzer for drinking water.
  • Light Curable Coatings, Valley View, Ohio, hybrid coatings.
  • Membrane Technology and Research Inc., Menlo Park, Calif., membranes.
  • Mountain Creek Enterprises of Sherrills, N.C., biodiesel study.
  • Scientific Methods Inc, Granger, Ind., rapid concentrations of viruses in water.
  • Senspex Inc., Rio Rancho, N.M., waveguide device.
  • Sol-gel Solutions; Gainesville, Fla., indoor air purification.
  • TDA Research Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colo., synthetic hydrogen peroxide.