Emerging Technology

How often does ChatGPT push misinformation?

Researchers found that one of the most popular generative-AI tools agreed with false statements up to one-quarter of the time.

Inside General Dynamics IT's 'Digital Accelerators' initiative

The company's strategy for focusing on some of the federal market's hottest technology priorities helped net close to $2 billion in contract awards for 2023.

Generative AI poised to revolutionize capture management

GenAI tools have immense potential for federal contractors when it comes to both proposal and capture management and writing compelling proposals.

Government’s quantum efforts are shifting to a near-term strategy

As the National Quantum Initiative Act is set to advance to a House vote, one federal official described the technology as “the next thing” on the horizon.

Agencies have over 1,200 AI uses planned or in operation, watchdog finds

The massive GAO report found that some agencies — like NASA and the Department of Commerce — have made major investments in artificial intelligence, while others struggled to meet federal requirements.

Why NIST is prioritizing creating a dictionary of AI development

An official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology explained the need for a consensus on language as a means of developing common standards for AI.

AI’s military use is limited by maturity concerns, CENTCOM official says

A U.S. Central Command official noted that “performance is still quite up and down” with AI, even as officials continue to experiment with the emerging technologies.

Inside DARPA’s search for an 'autonomous scientist' to support its researchers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is on the hunt for foundational AI models that can aid in the scientific discovery process.

DOD’s new AI and data strategy aims to scale adoption of new technologies

The Pentagon’s new data, analytics and artificial intelligence adoption strategy establishes a “hierarchy of needs” to help the department utilize emerging technologies.

NASA seeks ideas for extracting oxygen from lunar rocks

The space agency has scheduled an industry day to explain how it wants to build a sustained presence on the moon and the important role that rocks will play.

AI executive order draws some praise, but where are the resources?

The order’s guardrails on artificial intelligence development and adoption also spotlight the importance, quality and location of data.

31 communities tapped as innovation hub finalists

The Biden administration expects the innovation hubs to spur scientific and technological innovation in communities across the country, including small and rural areas and those with historically underserved populations.

The race is on to quantum proof encryption

While a standard isn't in place yet, now is the time to understand your risks and put a focus on agility.

NIST plans new risk evaluation methods and standards tracking for AI

The associate director for emerging technology at the National Institute of Standards and Technology said the evaluations are designed to identify potential harms from AI systems before they are deployed.

INSIDER EXCLUSIVE: Inside the artificial intelligence opportunity set

In these presentations from our WT Power Breakfast, government and industry leaders discuss why AI is both a critical opportunity and challenge across the federal landscape.

CGI Federal brings the metaverse to Marine logistics

The company sees this pilot project as having broad implications across areas like defense, law enforcement and disaster recovery.

FDA forms new committee to advise on health tech

The FDA is taking nominations for the Digital Health Advisory Committee, which is expected to begin work next year.