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Dennis Lucey

Dennis Lucey is vice president of Qivliq Federal Group.

Know before you go about solving the customer's problems

Doing your homework on a customer's challenges ahead of time makes the road to success much safer.


Mastering both the spoken and unspoken rules of GovCon

Entering the government market and being successful both have their own guidelines to go by, some often said and others not so much but just as important.


26 years after Clinger-Cohen, the government still struggles to be a smart buyer

But the IT industry can play a critical role in helping agencies make better decisions and use technology to save costs and be more efficient.


Read between the lines to know what your customer is thinking

What your customer is thinking might seem to be a mystery, but often the answers are right there in front of you.

Do you know what your customer fears?

Every government employee worries about something, and if you know how to read the solicitation, they might tell you exactly what they fear the most.


How well do you know the incumbent?

Asking if you know the incumbent is an important question to answer before bidding on a new contract, but it is too often overlooked.

Do you know who's evaluating your bids?

It might be valuable for contractors to know who sits on the source selection committee, but even then, it's no guarantee.

Do you know the critical questions to ask when you have an 'identified' opportunity?

Identifying contract opportunities years ahead of time is just the start. Do you know the right questions to ask to get the most value out of that opportunity?


How well do you know the end-user?

Knowing your end-user customer is critical to getting ahead of the curve on a solicitation. Here are questions you need to ask and answer to get the most out of that relationship.


How to avoid a deadly case of incumbent-itis

Incumbents still win 60 percent of their recompetes, but that means there's a 40 percent chance of losing. Here's how to avoid adding to that statistic.