ITT Exelis wins $10M Navy contract for airborne minesweeping system

ITT Exelis has won a contract to provide the Navy with its airborne minesweeping system.

ITT Exelis to deliver advanced weather imager to South Korea

ITT Exelis wins multimillion dollar contract to provide South Korea with an advanced geostationary weather imager to support the country’s forecasting capabilities

ITT Exelis wins $102M Australian Navy contract for electonic support systems

ITT Exelis has won a $102 million contract to provide an electronic support measures suite for Australia’s ANZAC frigates and the Canberra class LHD ships.

ITT Exelis nabs Navy base operations contract

ITT Exelis has won a $5.7 million contract with the U.S. Navy Facilities Engineering Command for Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia for base operations support services.

ITT Exelis wins $6.5M contract for radar system

ITT Exelis has won a contract to provide the U.S. Coast Guard with a radar system.

ITT Exelis wins $13M contract for weather imaging sensor

ITT Exelis has won a contract to study design modifications and come up with concepts for an affordable weather imaging sensor.

ITT Exelis nabs $2.2M contract for GPS augmentation

ITT Exelis has won a contract to research the development of a navigation satellite payload that will augment the current GPS system.

Exelis hires new president of Information Systems

Exelis has hired Pamela Drew as the new president of Information Systems, replacing Mike Wilson, who will retire at the end of March.

ITT Exelis realigns business divisions to focus on strategic growth

ITT Exelis will realign its business in order to capitalize on operating efficiencies and increase focus on strategic growth platforms, effective Jan. 2, 2013.

ITT Exelis makes deal for communications firm

ITT Exelis expands its communications and mobile communications solutions through the acquisition of C4i Pty. Ltd.

20 to fight for $10B in tactical comm tasks

Twenty companies will compete for task orders under the Army's $10 billion Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems contract.

ITT Exelis wins $43M logistics support contract

Contract awarded to ITT Exelis by Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command for logistic support services.

ITT Exelis and partner win $7M laser communications contract

ITT Exelis and NOVASOL will build laser communications system to move data around the battlefield for the Navy and Marine Corps.

ITT Exelis wins $23.6M contract with Oman Air Force

Oman Air Force to receive defensive electronic warfare systems under contract with ITT Excelis.

ITT Exelis buys aerial signal sensor manufacturer

Space Computer Corp. will become a part of Exelis Geospatial Systems.

Top 100: Diversity keeps ITT Exelis bullish

ITT Exelis stays upbeat as it pursue a diverse set of projects across multiple markets.

ITT Exelis takes on Air Force encryption project

Work on drives for laptops and unmanned aerial vehicles will protect data at rest.