GovTribe's top 20 contracts highlight the industry-wide conversations Pliankharom

GovTribe releases a monthly top 20 opportunities list based on user searches of their website. We take a look at the February 2023 list and its diverse set of requirements.

There are different ways to rank upcoming contract opportunities. Top of mind often is dollar value. Tech trends are another measure.

But perhaps the most valuable way to rank an opportunity is by visibility and popularity. That’s the take our sibling organization GovTribe has taken in their monthly ranking of federal contracting opportunities.

GovTribe has ranked the top 20 opportunities for the month of February, based on an analysis of the traffic on their website and the millions interactions on their site by more than 260,000 users.

Here is their list:

  1. Air Force Data Software Services
  2. Coast Guard Business and Logistics Management Support Services
  3. Bureau of Indian Affairs Business Support Services
  4. Commerce Department Sources Sought Notice – Acquisition Management Support Services
  5. Coast Guard NMACC III Small Business Reserves
  6. NASA Consolidated Applications and Platform Services
  7. Air Force E-9A SSR EO.IR TM Antenna Enhancement
  8. Army RFI Data Platform
  9. Veterans Affairs Department T4NG2
  10. Food and Drug Administration Adverse Events Reporting System
  11. Air Force Next Generation IT Support
  12. Air Force RFI Help Desk
  13. NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center California Regional Center Administrative and Technical Support Services III
  14. Marine Corps M365 Web Development and Content Management Support Services
  15. Army Fort Knox Non-Traditional Full Food Service
  16. Veterans Affairs Department Executive Support Services
  17. DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency Digital Transformation Support Services
  18. Interior Department Business Center Deployment and Emergency Support
  19. Air Force Research Laboratory Manufacturing Research and Technology Development
  20. Interior Department Business Center Project Management Office Support

What is it about these particular opportunities that has drawn GovTribe's attention, and that of users?

Some are large. The No. 1 contract Data Software Services has an almost $1 billion ceiling value. The No. 6 contract NASA NCAPS is worth up to $1.3 billion.

No. 2 on the list – Coast Guard Business and Logistics Management Support Services – is a small business contract. We do not see an estimated ceiling value for the contract, the Coast Guard spends nearly $100 million a year through that contract’s NAICS code (541611).

The titles of the opportunities also give clues to the government’s priorities. Words like “next generation” and “platform” are important clues. But some of the titles, frankly, use mundane words such as “help desk” and “support services.”

GovTribe's top 20 also spans a wide range of services – software publishing, logistics, technical services, management consulting, and light manufacturing to name a few.

The monthly list is worth exploring for individual opportunities, as well as for watching trends and changes in the federal market.