NASA reveals final SEWP VI solicitation

Companies have until July 11 to turn in their proposals for the potential $60 billion IT product vehicle.

NASA on Thursday released the final solicitation for SEWP VI, the newest iteration of its massive IT products and services contract.

Proposals are due July 11 and NASA plans to award contracts by Oct. 24 with the start date for orders on May 1, 2025.

SEWP VI comes with a 10-year ordering period and a $60 billion ceiling. SEWP is the acronym that stands for Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement.

The current SEWP V contract launched in 2015 and NASA has awarded $63 billion in task orders since then. SEWP V has 147 companies on it and is slated to sunset in April 2025, unless an extension is needed.

SEWP VI will follow a similar structure but with some additional features, including one main difference from how SEWP V only allows firm-fixed price orders.

The new version will allow multiple contract types – fixed-price, time and material, labor-hour, award-fee and incentive-fee.

The new contract has three service categories:

  • Category A – IT, communications and visual solutions
  • Category B – Enterprise-wide solutions for IT, communications and visual solutions
  • Category C – Program level services for IT, communications and visual solutions

Category C is reserved for small businesses. Categories A and B include tracks for full-and-open and small business bidders.

NASA will conduct a three-phase procurement. At the end of each phase, the agency will make a downselect decision and notify bidders who do not advance.

In phase one, relevant experience will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Past performance will be evaluated in phase two. Past performance must be within the past three years to be considered “recent.”

Large businesses must provide examples worth more than $2.5 million. Small businesses should provide examples worth $500,000 for categories A and C, and $1 million for category B.

NASA will rate proposals as satisfactory, no confidence or neutral in the second phase.

Phase three of the evaluation focuses on mission suitability, including the technical approach and management approach.

NASA also expects to hold zero discussions with bidders and will not evaluate price.

SEWP VI also marks the end of an era as the contract’s architect Joanne Woytek plans to retire after 50 years of government service.