SMX back in the running for a spot on $7B FBI contract Nes

The FBI has agreed to reconsider its evaluation of SMX's proposal for this set of blanket purchase agreements known as ITSSS-2.

SMX is getting a second chance at a $7 billion FBI IT contract now that the agency has agreed to let the company back into the competition.

The company was removed from the competition for the set of blanket purchase agreements known as the Information Technology Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation, or ITSSS-2.

SMX went to the Government Accountability Office with arguments that the FBI improperly evaluated the company's proposal, applied unstated evaluation criteria and conducted an unequal evaluation.

The FBI told GAO that it would reevaluate the company’s proposal in light of the protest. Because of the corrective action, GAO has dismissed the protest.

Previously, the FBI said the awards were delayed until late May because of the protests.

One protest remains active and that involves Computer World Services Corp., for which GAO has a ruling due date of May 15.

The FBI cannot announce awards while a protest is pending, but it can continue to evaluate proposals.