NTT Data fights to keep FBI DNA database program Yuichiro Chino

The company claims the FBI misevaluated proposals when it picked someone else to take over the management of a nationwide DNA database program.

NTT Data has lost an incumbent FBI contract and claims the agency misevaluated proposals.

The $16 million contract was a one-on-one competition between NTT Data and GovernmentCIO, according to Federal Procurement Data System records.

While not a large contract, the work carries prestige because it supports the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System that operates local state and national DNA databases.

The CODIS software program manages DNA profiles of convicted criminals, unsolved crime scene evidence, and missing persons.

As the FBI explains it, CODIS blends forensic science and computer technology to create a law enforcement tool used to exchange and compare DNA profiles electronically. At least 190 law enforcement laboratories participate.

Services under this contract include requirements management, software verification and validation, configuration management and quality assurance, systems engineering, IT security, and oversight management.

GovernmentCIO won the work as a task order under the Alliant 2 IT solutions vehicle.

NTT Data's protest alleges flaws in how the FBI evaluated proposals, past performance and key personnel. The company also claims the FBI also failed to conduct meaningful and even discussions.

NTTA Data filed its protest Feb. 12 and then made a supplemental filing on Monday. A Government Accountability Office decision is due May 22.