NOAA awards 'Fisheries' block of $8B services vehicle / Takau99

These awards support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's work to protect seafood resources.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded 21 companies positions on the "Fisheries" domain of a potential 10-year, $8 billion professional services contract vehicle.

NOAA finalized its selections for this portion of the ProTech 2.0 small business vehicle on Friday and received 26 bids in total, according to Federal Procurement Data System records.

ProTech is NOAA's mandatory use vehicle for the agency to acquire professional, technical and scientific services from small businesses. Other Commerce Department bureaus can place orders through ProTech as well.

For the ProTech 2.0 Fisheries domain, NOAA is acquiring services in support of its mission to protect seafood resources and help create more sustainable ecosystems.

FPDS information identifies these companies as Fisheries domain awardees:

  • 1stMission llc
  • A.I.S.
  • Azura Consulting
  • Cardinal Point Captains
  • Case Consultants International
  • FedWriters
  • Float Partners
  • Mark Damian Duda and Associates
  • Natural Resources Consultants\
  • Northern Economics
  • Ocean Associates
  • RFSERT, a River Front Services-ERT joint venture
  • SailDrone
  • Saltwater
  • Salus Resources
  • Smultea Environmental Sciences
  • Solv
  • Stewardship and Sustainability Solutions joint venture
  • TechGlobal
  • Think Tank Inc.

ProTech 2.0 has four domains in total with two of them now awarded, including the Satellites domain that saw 15 companies chosen in March 2023 and now Fisheries.

The Oceans domain is in source selection and a draft solicitation for Weather is currently under construction.