CIO-SP4 protests withdrawn Khuankaew

But it isn't clear yet if this marks an end to protests over the $50 billion vehicle or just a pause.

By Monday, there likely will be no active protests involving the CIO-SP4 contract.

Within a week of their first filings, two companies have withdrawn their challenges against the $50 billion IT vehicle.

DV United 2 apparently decided that their protest was premature because they haven’t had their debriefings yet with the National Institutes of Health's IT Acquisition and Assessment Center, which is in charge of the contract.

iDoxSolutions has withdrawn its protest because it has been told that NITAAC is going to take corrective action. That protest is still listed as active as of Friday afternoon, but it is likely to change over the week and GAO goes through its process.

NITAAC declined to confirm that a corrective action was in the works because CIO-SP4 is an ongoing solicitation.

“Specific details regarding any individual protester are deemed as Source Selection Information and [are] not made publicly available,” a spokesperson said.

We will hwatch to see if more protests are filed as debriefs are completed. There also is a possibility that companies may go to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims instead of GAO.

Stay tuned.