IRS adds more primes to resolve protests

The IRS faced a pair of protests but to move forward with a set of BPAs for modernization services, the agency added the protesters to the contract.

After a couple of rounds of bid protests, the IRS found the easy button for resolving pushback from a couple disappointed bidders – let everyone onto the contract.

The contract in question is a $2.6 billion blanket purchase agreement for systems modernization services. The BPA originally went to Maximus and Accenture in late 2022, with left IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton out in the cold.

IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton filed protests in January. Then in February, the IRS said it would take a second look and reopen discussions with bidders.

That second look has led to awards for all four companies. The new contracts were signed in April, according to GovTribe data.

The BPAs are known as the Enterprise Development Operations Services contract. They run for seven years and will be used to modernize a range of IRS systems that examine and collect taxes.

Task areas include program and project management; development, modernization and enhancement support; and surge support. There are 10 task areas in total.

The four companies, all high-ranking firms on the annual Washington Technology Top 100, will now compete with each other for task orders.