CACI gets another shot at $209M Navy logistics contract Stocktrek Images

The Navy will take second look at its selection of Serco Inc. for the award.

Thanks to a series of bid protest filings, CACI International has pushed the Navy to take a second look at its decision to award a $209.1 million contract for logistics support to Serco Inc.

CACI is the incumbent on the existing contract and filed a protest after the Navy picked Serco to provide global logistics support, oversight, training and management that support naval operations.

Reston, Virginia-headquartered CACI filed its initial protest on March 14 after it received its debriefing from the Navy. Following that, CACI made a supplemental filing after it learned more and a third filing after the Navy responded to the protest.

A Government Accountability Office decision was due by June 22, but the Navy may have seen something in the filings that made it realize a mistake was potentially made.

In its corrective action, the Navy said it will re-open evaluations and re-examine its conclusions. A new award decision will follow.

The Navy’s decision to take a second look is in no way a lock for CACI to retain the contract, but it does give them a chance. CACI has held the contract since at least 2016 and continues the work as proposals are being re-evaluated.