How do you bring more tech to soldiers? Army Futures Command wants to know guvendemir

A new sources sought notice from the Army Futures Command wants feedback on how to get leading-edge technologies to ground soldiers: including 5G, more sensors, and better protection from chemical and biological weapons.

The Army Futures Command wants a contractor that can develop more IT capabilities for ground soldiers including more use of 5G and other leading-edge technologies.

The initiative is part of an effort known as the Ground Soldier Technology Workflow, Integration and eXperience. Or by the acronym GS-TWIX. (If you google it, expect to get lots of hits for the candy bar.)

In a new sources sought notice, the command describes how it wants to develop a contract that can link a variety of systems together and the hardware and software solutions that can make that happen.

Six tasks are listed as areas command wants to tackle and the list includes the values that Futures Command has estimated for the tasks. The tasks are:

  • Sensored Soldier ($1 million)
  • Nett Warrior/Ground Soldier ($3 million)
  • Ground Soldier Systems Integration ($1 million)
  • CBRND Integration with Ground Soldier Systems ($2 million)
  • OUSD 5G TAS ($8 million)

The request for information describes each task and includes in that some subtasks.

For example, task five (OUSD 5G TAS) will look at the operational impact of 5G on the tactical networks. CBRND Integration with Ground Soldier Systems will look at issues around technology that can improve effectiveness and survivability of soldiers operating in an environment exposed to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons.

Responses are due Feb. 24.

Each dollar value currently attached to the tasks is relatively small, but this is the kind of work that many in the market could jump at. That would include small businesses with a unique solution and some strong commercial partnerships, as well as larger players with plenty of internal research-and-development resources.

Put this one on your watch list.