Accenture Federal, Google open AI center of excellence da-kuk

The partnership is focused on helping agencies modernize their citizen services.

Accenture Federal Services and Google Public Sector have created a center of excellence to support agencies modernizing their citizen services.

Creation of the center is the next phase of a strategic alliance between Google and Accenture Federal, the companies said in press release.

The Data & Analytics Intelligence Center of Excellence can work with sensitive and classified workloads, while also using generative AI technologies on the Google Cloud.

“The ability to use optimal large language models to synthesize, analyze, and contextualize data in a responsible and ethical way offers boundless opportunities for the federal government to jumpstart new capabilities and transform their operations,” Accenture Federal Services CEO John Goodman said in a release.

The center will give federal agencies access to new technologies including Google’s language models, Vertex AI platform, and AI-optimized infrastructure.

“Federal agencies are rich with data, and many require cutting-edge data management capabilities to successfully deploy and unlock the tremendous potential of AI,” said Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector.

In 2023, Accenture Federal and Google Public Sector started a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. The parent companies of the two organizations have worked together on global basis since 2018.