L.A. cuts back on Google, CSC e-mail project

Citing concerns about security, the L.A. City Council voted to limit Google and Computer Sciences Corp.e-mail migration contract.

Storms continue to rain on LA municipal cloud project

Controversy still swirls around CSC's Google email implementation in Los Angeles. What's the latest complaint?

Two years in, Google and CSC face critics in LA cloud project

Google and CSC's contract to provide the city of Los Angeles with cloud-based applications faces completion issues after nearly two years.

Google stops suit against Interior

Company says Interior will consider them for future cloud solicitations, but the Interior says, 'not so fast.'

Google, Microsoft cloud crashes: Is this the new normal?

Recent outages for Google Docs and Office 365 add to a string of public clouds going dark.

Patents, mobility drive Google's $12.5B Motorola bid

Google will pick up a wealth of patents with Motorola acquisition as its faces bigger competitors and a future built on mobile computing.

All of GSA's e-mail now in Google cloud

The General Services Administration has successfully migrated its 17,000 e-mail users to Google Apps for Government, according to GSA Administrator Martha Johnson.

Google, the news and reader reactions

Readers respond to a discussion of Google's influence on the news.

Google turns off tool for searching government sites

Google has stopped operating several specialized search tools, including the search engine of government-related Web sites.

Twitter's Costolo becomes Obama adviser

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joins telecom advisory panel.

DOJ approval for Google's ITA purchase conditional

The U.S. Department of Justice announced April 8 that it conditionally approved Google's acquisition bid for ITA Software Inc.

Could Google's CEO take over at Commerce?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is rumored to be on the short list for commerce secretary.

Consumer group calls for investigation of Google's no-bid fed contracts

Consumer Watchdog is asking Congress to investigate whether Google is inappropriately benefiting in its contracting activities with federal agencies.

Google restructures top leadership roles

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, will be stepping down from that position while continuing to serve the company as executive chairman.

Agencies schooled to be vendor-neutral in RFPs

Officials have reminded agency purchasers about value-neutral IT purchases after a federal judge ruled that the Interior Department decided to buy software from Microsoft while other capable companies were interested in the work.

Google wins: Interior forbidden to award noncompetitive contract to Microsoft

Interior Department officials began considering awarding a contract to Microsoft too early in the contracting process, judge writes.

White House deputy CTO leaves, will target state and local collaboration

Andrew McLaughlin is resigning from his job as deputy White House chief technology officer to start two companies, one of them to develop collaboration tools for state and local governments.