Leidos unveils new leadership group structure

The top of Leidos' headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

The top of Leidos' headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Courtesy of Leidos.

One new hire joins the team as Leidos CEO Tom Bell continues to lead the work on developing the company's new North Star vision for itself.

On Tuesday, Leidos' chief executive Tom Bell gave investors an initial look at the company's realigned business segments and essentially said to stay tuned for announcements on who will lead them.

Leidos has now unveiled that leadership team comprising of five segment-level presidents and new corporate-wide roles for two executives, all of which take effect Jan. 1.

This move is part of Leidos' work to develop what Bell has called a new North Star to define its purpose, vision and goals.

The segment president group unveiled Friday is as follows:

  • Cindy Gruensfelder: defense systems
  • Steve Hull: digital modernization
  • Liz Porter: health and civil
  • Vicki Schmanske: commercial and international
  • Roy Stevens: national security

Gruensfelder is the new hire on that list as she joins Leidos about one year after her retirement from Boeing, where she worked for 35 years and more recently led its missile and weapon systems portfolio. Steve Cook will continue in his role as president of Leidos' Dynetics subsidiary, which was acquired in early 2020.

Regarding the new corporate-wide roles: current defense group president Gerry Fasano will move over to the chief growth officer post, while Leidos' current chief accounting Officer and corporate controller Carly Kimball will take up the role of chief performance officer.

Fasano's new areas of responsibility include corporate strategy, marketing, sales, government affairs and communications. Kimball now oversees program execution, real estate, security, IT and procurement functions.

They are part of a leadership team that includes Chris Cage as chief financial officer, Jim Carlini as chief technology officer, Maureen Waterston as chief human resources officer, and Jerry Howe as general counsel and corporate secretary.

During the investor call on Tuesday, Bell explained the new alignment and which areas of the business will go into each segment:

"Health and civil will deliver customer solutions with unique capabilities in the areas of public health, care coordination, life and environmental sciences, and transportation. National security will combine all our technology-enabled services and mission software capabilities for defense and (intelligence) customers in the area of cyber, logistics, security operations, and decision analytics.

"Commercial and international will combine our existing (Security Enterprise Solutions) commercial energy, U.K., and Australian businesses. Digital modernization will bring together our IT operations and digital transformation programs. This will allow us to serve all our digital transformation customers with better scale and speed brought about by better repeatability of best-in-class solutions with greater efficiency.

"Lastly, defense systems will combine elements of Dynetics and our prior defense business to develop and produce advanced space, aerial, surface, and subsurface manned and unmanned defense systems."

Based off that description, the digital modernization segment will have some connectivity into all of Leidos' customers given the nature of that work.